Cautionary Tales HTML version

What's Up There?
Peter was a dirty boy,
who picked and picked his nose.
Picked away so very much,
he nearly reached his toes.
Picking snot is not so bad,
but Peter did much worse.
Pulled his loaded finger out,
and flicked it in mum's purse.
He flicked it at the ceiling,
stuck it on the floor.
He flicked it at the curtains,
smeared it on the door.
Peter flicked his snot so much,
his mum and dad were mad.
At a loss to know just why,
their son was oh, so bad.
None could stop the snotty boy,
from picking at his nose.
Pick, then flick, then flick, then pick,
not caring where it goes.
He flicked it at a postman.
He flicked it at a car.
He flicked it at a lamp-post;
just to see how far.
Digging deep to reach his goal,
Pete caused his nose to bleed.
Silly boy just kept right on,
and paid the blood no heed.
Then one day, he pushed too deep,
picked out a piece of brain.
And now the snotty little boy,
will never pick again.
Never Eat A Dog
Rebecca was a busy mum,
and fed her daughter on the run.
Didn't have the time to cook,
or clean the house, or read a book.
So daughter, Ceilidh, every day,