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His favourite pastime,
Was to chat, far into the night
With friends perhaps, or family,
An acquaintance, or the like.
But Facebook changed quite suddenly,
As it always does,
Started 'Time-Line' on its site,
Which really caused a buzz.
Willie flipped, he really did,
Shouted, "That's enough."
Made up his mind that very night,
Social networks to rebuff.
He 'Unliked' John, and cousin Ted,
Left Chloe and Dick bereft
'Unliked' so many of his friends,
That now he has none left.
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I hate toast that's soggy,
Crispy, dry, or brown,
But most of all,
Hate toast that lands,
With buttered side flat down.
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Joe's Ghostly Lament
Joe's family was so very large,
That each child had a chore,
With fifteen kids to clothe and feed,
Mum couldn't do much more,
She had two other jobs, you see,
And dad was off at war,
Carol washed and scrubbed like mad,
Young Kylie made her bed,
Sue and Lu took out the trash,
While Sandra made the bread,
Brother Peter washed the pots,
And Brian cleaned the shed.
Geoff and Mark, cooked all the meals,
And David helped out Fred,
Bill and Rosie ironed a lot,
Along with brother Ted,