Cauliflower: More Than an Ear HTML version

Mike Scanlon was a big man. He stood a little over six feet tall and
weighed in at two hundred and five pounds, about five pounds heavier
than when he was riding bulls and broncs on the rodeo circuit down in
Texas over twenty years ago. Since he purchased this property just
outside Tombstone Arizona, the town that is too tough to die, which
he thought applied to him as well, and started ranching, he lost the
extra twenty pounds he had put on around his waist sitting behind his
desk in Hollywood. His hair was still a light sandy brown but was
beginning to show gray along his temples. He was told it made him
look distinguished. People around Tombstone had started calling him
Big Mike and he liked it.
As his horse picked up a trot, he looked over at his son, Mike Jr.,
sitting on his Bay gelding next to him. It was hard for Big Mike to
believe that his son was seventeen years old. It seemed like it was
yesterday that he brought him home from the hospital, a red faced
squawking little runt. Everyone called him Little Mike. He wasn't little
any more. He was nearly as big as his father. He had grown into a fine
young man. Big Mike was proud of him. He was doing well in school
and had joined the rodeo team and was getting pretty handy with a
rope. He had mentioned that he might want to try the pro rodeo circuit
when he graduated from high school this coming spring. His mother
was adamant that he go to college first. It was an argument Big Mike
didn't feel like getting into as he tended to side with Little Mike. Oh
well, it was just another in a long string of disagreements he seemed to
be having with Rachel over the last few years of their marriage.
They met in Austin Texas in August of 1937 and six months later they
were married and on their way to Hollywood. In 1937 he won the All
Around Cowboy Award for the third year in a row. No one else had
ever done that, before or since. A Hollywood stuntman by the name of
Cody Baker saw him ride and asked him if he would be interested in
working for him doubling for the many Hollywood actors who played
the role of cowboys on the big screen and who really didn't know how
to ride. They were too valuable to have them risking their lives doing
the dangerous stunts that were needed to be done on the sets. Big Mike
jumped at the opportunity and he knew that Rachel had thoughts
about breaking into movies so she was excited to leave Austin and test
the waters in Hollywood as well.