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Towards Quality IT Literacy for All:
may want to collaborate with libraries, community
computing centers, local colleges and universities,
and other places that offer alternative access to
the day. Kudos’ to the necessity … the ultima of
choice in action….by Chance and not by choice. IT
is there is stay and mandatory to breathe into……
As a matter of fact, Regardless of one’s career
choice, one can benefit from a knowledge of
computer hardware and software, and how these
components function together. Even if one’s job
does not require him to work directly with a
computer, this knowledge may help him to envision
new ways of using computers in the work, resulting
in a more productive work environment. This can
also lead to career advancement opportunities. If one
thinks this case is being overstated, and that
computers are not being used that much, consider
this: computers are popping up in places and
professions that may seem unlikely.
Educators and parents have been quite concerned
over the years about possible negative effects of
computer and Internet on children's desire to interact
with others. Unlike television, however, the more
interactive, child-controlled nature of some
computer software can be conductive to sharing,
taking turns and playing games together. Also the
fact lies to the versatile saying that the familiarity
and comfort with computers is certainly useful for
daily survival, both in and out of school. The risk
associated with this myth comes from placing too
much emphasis on the computer as a "must" for
children's future welfare. It's better to regard
computer use as simply one more experience or tool
that can support the development of the good old-
fashioned learning skills such as being able to read
and write, think logically, and solve and analyze
problems. It can also enhance the learning process
by allowing children to have experiences not
possible without a computer. Ultimately out of the
study it capsules more of the truth to have this
machine as a tool rather than an aid for all times.
One must utilize its measures as and when required
from the children point of concern.
Kudos’ to Babbage, towards being the FATHER OF
COMPUTERS. Let there be power of
COMPUTING building a better place to live in. May
Peace be on Earth! Jai Jagat………
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The ultimate is Quality Culture and the Happening
things to happen. It counts in a big way to promote
the very cause of darkness out of the old traditions. It
is very easily encapsulated into the minds of the
workforce, the users, the public opinion and to the
masses. IT has paved as the irreristible mantra for
SURVIVAL, the capsules for QUALITY
CULTURE, the tablet for PROSPERITY at large.
Pressing it with the opinion of the masses is the fact
that it is a REALITY in practice. The boom of
technology is bound to promote and enhance the
image of Quality in Education and the SOCIETY in
a big way. Thinking of SOCIETY, aiming a future,
working for…. Without IT has become a JOKE of
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Towards Quality IT Literacy for All: