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None of the guardian brothers were jealous of the other, and none crossed into the realm
of the other. They were all too busy keeping things in balance and maintaining order in their
Very clearly, they understood what their roles were - to maintain balance and ensure
order - understanding that creation was The Creator's responsibility and theirs was to perform
the tasks given.
And so as The Creator had wished it, Earth was the realm of life; just as Pluto was the
realm of darkness, Mars the realm of „blood', and Venus the realm of heat.
During that time, there was a negative force that emerged all across the universe - a force
that was unknown; a force that sought to put all of creation out of balance; a force that emerged
from creation itself and sought to destroy it. Where there was order, this force pushed for
disorder; and where there was balance, it pushed for imbalance.
On earth, it „pushed' the flesh eaters to reproduce at numbers great enough to wipe out
the plant eaters; and the silt in the seas to rise and choke its creatures. It „pushed' for the winds to
shift and delay the rains; and for the skies to open up and let down the sun to scorch the plants.
It even tried to push the ice caps of mars to give off water and create life where The
Creator had not wished it; and to heat up one of Saturn's moon to explosion. And so to counter
this Negative Force, to keep things from getting out of balance and out of order, The Guardians
were charged.
Throughout the days and nights, The Guardian of Earth had been working; moving
through the thick woods, flying low over the colonies of bushes, and dashing across the skies. By
himself, he had to observe all the beasts of the land - the monstrous and the tiny; all the creatures
of the sky, and of the sea.
He had to control the winds, so that the rains were enough and came on time; watching so
that the plants didn't dry nor the seeds drown in the soils. He had to ensure the sky let in just