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Feeding on these giant plant eaters and other medium sized animals, were the fierce and
deadly predators; which included the seven ton, large headed, stubby armed Tyrannosaurus rex;
the sharp toothed, „fingered hands' Giganotosaurus; and the long, nine ton, spiky back
Among these large and medium beasts, also existed other smaller creatures; like the
„horn-faced' microceratops, the pigeon sized nemicoloterus, and the fifty pound, dog-like
Surrounding the lands, were vast, endless depressio ns filled with immeasurable quantities
of clean, fresh water; so vast and deep a collection of pools that an entire „world' was well
established under them.
There were huge sea creatures, such as the eighty foot long, snake-whale Basilosaurus;
and smaller ones such as the turtle-like honodus; six foot long, fish like ichthyosaurus, and the
tiny, colorful algae - all flourishing together with thousands of other sea creatures.
Into the sky, the lush vegetation released fresh air; cooling it with invisible vapor and
creating conditions through which the six foot wide Pteranodons; the flesh eating, two hundred
pound Alanqa; and thousands of other reptiles of the sky enjoyed flying through.
For thousands of years, The Guardian had ensured order all across this realm of life. He
had observed, supervised, and ensured absolute balance. By himself, he was solely in charge of
the entire planet; bearing full responsibility over it just like his „brothers' - each of whom was
also in charge of one among the other planets.
With great power over all the „forces' within their planets, these Guardians were
endowed by The Creator of the universe - empowering them with total authority over all his
creation within the realms - enabling them to supervise as he went out into the darkness to
continue creating.