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-the Force Unknown-
Jared Sande
Copyright © Jared Sande 2013.
All rights reserved.
Out of the deep, rich and fertile soils grew millions of species of plants. Others sparsely
thriving, and the rest forming thick, endless jungles. The jungles included two mile high, half a
mile wide coniferous trees; trees that grew next to colonies of thriving shrubs which thickened
the very jungles with the help of half meter high ferns, ginkgoales, and many other species of
shorter plants.
All over the earth, walked, crept, and stamped millions of animals. Every species, from
the monstrous, long necked, one hundred ton Argentinosaurus; to the sixty ton, a hundred foot
long Sauroposeidon; and the medium trunked, plated back Titanosaurus.