Castle, Mine 4 HTML version

The Castle Four
Copy write P. Audcent 2016
Chapter 1. The renewal.
I was sitting up in bed in my lofty perch with a frozen nose, a box of hankies and hot
water bottle close to my toes. In short I had an obnoxious cold and speaking honestly
I was fed up to the teeth, well fed up to the ones I had left at least, so I have decided
to recount what my father had told me after that terrific bomb strike all those years
ago. So Dulcie bought me one of those battery operated voice recorders, a neat little
thing that fitted very nicely in my hand. But frankly it does not feel entirely right just
talking to myself. So I waited until I had company, then Maise swept in with a hot
cup of broth then swept out again before I had a chance to ask her to stay, but then a
shy knock on my door and my prompt 'come' revealed a dishevelled grand nephew
holding a broken flower pot.
"Was in my way Uncle, and I tripped trying to jump over it."
'What happened to the plant then?'
"No plant the pot was empty down by the bottom step, I think my great aunt was
planting a rose and she probably left it on the step and forgot it."
'So along you came and decided to play hop scotch on the step instead of taking in to
your great aunt Dulcie.'
The dark head of hair nodded.
'Well for that you can leave the shards on my table over there, and plonk yourself in
that chair with the cushion and listen to a story, that is of course if you have nothing
better to do like jumping down my steps in a disorderly fashion.' A shake of that dark
hair and a measured jump into the chair, then a hand held out for sweet, a humbug
with those yellow stripes was offered and accepted with alacrity.
'So this was told to me by my father and concerns the new fire place which you
already know about.'
"A bomb through the roof and several floors punched through.'
'Indeed,' said I, 'now don't interrupt as I've turned this infernal machine on.'
"What does it do Uncle?"
'It has a clever genie inside that records my voice and at the same time pulls out a
strap and belts boys who interrupt.'
"But you are a boy Uncle and if you speak you might get belted!"
'That's true but I've adjusted it down to ten years and younger.' A muffled exclamation
came from the chair, peace at last restored, I began. Well I took a breath and Robroy's
face appeared around the open door after the lightest of knocks, he then spotted Fig
on the chair and no doubt the sucking of the sweet. I wondered if he guessed the
"Grandpa can I have a humbug as well please?"
'Yes if I had any left, which I don't, Fig had the last one, but you are welcome to a
pear drop if you can reach them and pull over that chair and sit quietly.'
When all was quite again after the chair was dragged across the room so I began.
'As you know a bomb was dropped on the house right smack in the middle of the four
turrets and it carved its passage down to the basement and beyond, I'm led to believe.
Apparently they filled in the hole it had made then after the war we got reparation