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International Research Journal of Applied Finance (
Case Studies in Finance and Accounting
This book contains seventeen case studies on various topics in Finance & Accounting,
published in International Research Journal of Applied Finance (IRJAF) during the year
2012. Faculty members can use these cases for class room discussions. However, we request
you to send an acknowledgement mail to case authors as a curtsey. Teaching Notes are
available to faculty members on request. Please send your requests to The
copy rights of all these cases are with Kaizen Publications, Hyderabad, India.
The cases in this book touch several dimension in Finance and Accounting like,
International Finance (The Case of the Drifting Exchange Rate), Financial Processes and
Procedures (Integrating a New Business into the Financial Planning Process at Unilever),
Corporate Valuation (Manufacturas Lizard), Corporate Valuation (BCE Inc. Privatization:
Fact or Fiction?), Financial Ethics (Pacific Health Care: What should the Controller do?),
Complex Projects - Network Analysis (The Dolphin Bay Development: Optimum Strategy
using Network Analysis), Internal Audit - Code of Ethics (Mercy Hospital: A Case
Analysis), Project Valuation and Evaluation (Privatization: Chicago Parking Meters, LLC),
Financial and Social Responsibility (Blue Mountain State University – A Case Study -
Selecting Socially Responsible Contractors for a New Building), Preparation of Financial
Statements (Omega Tech Case: Putting it all together), Inventory Valuation (Antiock
Hardware: An Inventory Case Study), Asset Misappropriations (Big Training Corporation),
Cash Flows and Ethical Dilemmas (Sunset Medical: A Statement of Cash Flow Case),
Audit Tasks - Ethical Dimensions (Brad’s Time for a Decision), Business Analysis (Micro-
District Coal Heating Case Study), Environmental Management Accounting (Should you
buy an energy efficient refrigerator? An Environmental Accounting Case), and Organizing a
Case Competition (A Model for Running an Undergraduate Business-focused Case
The Editor of the Journal invites papers / cases with theoretical research/conceptual work or
applied research/applications on topics related to research, practice, and teaching in all
subject areas of Finance, Accounting, Investments, Money, Banking and Economics. The
original research papers, articles, and cases (not currently under review or published in other
publications) will be considered for publication in International Research Journal of Applied
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