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“Not a soul living could tell you that now,” he said; “besides, they say her body
was removed; but no one is sure of that either.”
Having thus spoken, as time pressed, he dropped his axe and departed, leaving
us to hear the remainder of the General’s strange story.
The Meeting
“My beloved child,” he resumed, “was now growing rapidly worse. The physician
who attended her had failed to produce the slightest impression on her disease,
for such I then supposed it to be. He saw my alarm, and suggested a
consultation. I called in an abler physician, from Gratz. Several days elapsed
before he arrived. He was a good and pious, as well as a leaned man. Having
seen my poor ward together, they withdrew to my library to confer and discuss. I,
from the adjoining room, where I awaited their summons, heard these two
gentlemen’s voices raised in something sharper than a strictly philosophical
discussion. I knocked at the door and entered. I found the old physician from
Gratz maintaining his theory. His rival was combating it with undisguised ridicule,
accompanied with bursts of laughter. This unseemly manifestation subsided and
the altercation ended on my entrance.
“ ‘Sir,’ said my first physician, ‘my learned brother seems to think that you want a
conjuror, and not a doctor.’