Canuck - Book 1 HTML version

The babysitting routine
Martin Colette eased back in his chair, taking a break from his
computer screen, a glance at his secretary as she busied herself
behind her own computer.
After twelve years with the service, Colette was now the
Operations Manager for Department P2 within SIS – Britain’s
overseas intelligence agency, formerly known as MI6. P2,
responsible for the Club-Med countries of Europe, was a low
priority department that had always been at the bottom of the
pile of interesting departments to work for. It wasn’t as bad as
Research, but it wasn’t far off.
At the end of the Cold War, the Russian Section – where the
career people traditionally worked on interesting cases – had
lost direction for a while. But, thanks to the rise of al-Qa’eda,
the Russian Section’s best and brightest had something new to
get into, and many switched to the Middle East section. Those
who had learnt Russian and German were hurriedly retrained,
and those who spoke Arabic suddenly found themselves in high
regard and much needed.
Colette spoke French and Spanish, so would forever be
assigned to P2 and the Club-Med countries. But, with the rise of
al-Qa’eda and the problem of illegal immigrants from
Afghanistan landing in Greece and Italy, his department had
gained a little extra work, and a little extra respect around the
When his phone went, it was his boss. ‘Martin, got a
‘I’ll be right down, sir.’
Colette placed down the phone and stood. ‘Boss wants me,’
he told his secretary. ‘I’ll be in with him if you need me.’ She
hadn’t even looked up from her screen.