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Cancer Is My Name

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Published: 3 years ago

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I received a one-way ticket from Hell: “Congratulations. You have colon cancer” ..... Stop..... Breath..... Colon cancer? “Please watch your step and enjoy your stay”. .... What?..... Breathe, remember to breathe..... As I read the words over again, I was transported into another world. A demon named Caner has dragged me into his lair. I am surrounded by death, misery and despair. I am chained inside his chamber. Desperately, I look all around. I am trying to find Inspiration. “Please, come. I am here”, I shout out. As I prayed the shadows lifted. The chains are broken. Though Cancer continues to lurk nearby, I am free! I spread my wings, the chains break-away. I arise. I arise. I arise! Today, I am Okay. Today, I will be alright. What will tomorrow bring?

Arizona Flame

Canceris My Name by Renee Robinson Hi,thank you for giving me the opportunity to read and review your book.I found the detail and quality of the poetry very intriguing andhopeful. Your book can give many others hope. What I really likedabout your book is that it was broad. The poems and journal entriesmade me shudder and gasp as I read chilling details about your fightwith cancer. And the I really enjoyed the humor in the BRA poem"con-"trap"-tion" and the dog poem. This bookreally pulled at my heart in so many ways. I gave it a positivereview because I know how hard it is to share intimate details aboutyourself and struggles. I did have to notate the grammatical errorsand I wasn't sure if the formatting was off or not (and I mentionedthat it might be my reader's fault). But I was so happy to read aboutyou at the end and see that you have other works at the end of thebook. Good luck with everything and thank you for sharing your work.


Renee Robinson

With a major in writings and communications, Renee Robinson has been writing since the age of twelve. An element unique to Renee, is her ability to morph into various genres, from poet, to fiction,to children books. Four years ago, when she received the horrifying diagnosis of colon cancer she was no longer able to work due to the chemo making her too ill to return. Instead of laying around feeling sorry for herself, she used this opportunity to write and to be published. Renee began publishing a series of poetry books while working on a novel she created a new genre for called "Reality Reading". In this novel, author and reader, together fight cancer. The first series of this novel is currently in the final edit stage to be released soon. Renee Robinson studied writing and communications. Currently, she has published seven books with three more in the works. She writes fiction, thrillers, and poetry. She has also created a series of children books.

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