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Chapter 19
In his first three letters my father inquired the cause of my silence; in the last he
allowed me to see that he had heard of my change of life, and informed me that
he was about to come and see me.
I have always had a great respect and a sincere affection for my father. I replied
that I had been travelling for a short time, and begged him to let me know
beforehand what day he would arrive, so that I could be there to meet him.
I gave my servant my address in the country, telling him to bring me the first
letter that came with the postmark of C., then I returned to Bougival.
Marguerite was waiting for me at the garden gate. She looked at me anxiously.
Throwing her arms round my neck, she said to me: "Have you seen Prudence?"
"You were a long time in Paris."
"I found letters from my father to which I had to reply."
A few minutes afterward Nanine entered, all out of breath. Marguerite rose and
talked with her in whispers. When Nanine had gone out Marguerite sat down by
me again and said, taking my hand:
"Why did you deceive me? You went to see Prudence."
"Who told you?"
"And how did she know?"
"She followed you."
"You told her to follow me?"
"Yes. I thought that you must have had a very strong motive for going to Paris,
after not leaving me for four months. I was afraid that something might happen to
you, or that you were perhaps going to see another woman."