California Mexican Cookbook HTML version

Especially Prepared Dressings
Spanish Dressing No. 1
Rub mixing bowl with button of garlic, break into bowl one egg
yolk, whip stiff, add one-fourth cup best olive oil slowly, then one-
fourth cup lemon juice, tablespoon prepared vinegar, teaspoon
sugar, half teaspoon salt, tablespoon green chile pulp. Very fine.
Spanish Dressing No. 2
Six tablespoons of best olive oil in bowl, add gradually three
tablespoons lemon juice and one of prepared vinegar, one teaspoon
brown sugar, half teaspoon salt, tablespoon red chile pulp, stir with
rotary motion until a thick cream, serve at once on salad.
Spanish Salad Dressing No. 3
Lemon or lime juice. Six tablespoons to three of olive oil, teaspoon
sugar, one-half teaspoon salt, dash red pepper, teaspoon onion
Spanish Salad, Avacado (Aligator Pear)
Peel and cut in half pears, sprinkle with salt and sugar twenty
minutes before using, then place in heart of small crisp lettuce
head, pour over Spanish dressing No. 3.
Tomato and Cucumber Salad
Select six fine ripe tomatoes; remove the hearts carefully; place on
ice until chilled; pare two cucumbers and chop them finely; mix
with tomato pulp; pour over a half cup of dressing No. 3 and fill
the tomatoes. Serve on lettuce leaves and decorate with thinly