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Spanish Creamed Eggs

Boil eggs hard fifteen minutes, shell, cut lengthwise; remove yolk (reserve one egg). Mash yolk and add to each a teaspoon of thick white sauce, or bread cooked smooth in milk; bits of butter, pinch of salt, paprika and finely minced parsley. Fill white of eggs, fasten together with toothpicks; roll in raw egg and bread crumbs; fry in deep hot olive oil or other fat; drain. Remove toothpicks and where eggs are put together separate with knife and sprinkle center with little crumbled dry yolk, place on toast. Make a border of chopped whites cut in rings. Pour hot Spanish sauce partly over and around egg; garnish with parsley, and you have a delicious dish in truly Spanish colors.


Mexican Scrambled Eggs in Chile

Mix one tablespoon green chile pulp to each egg, whipped separately, teaspoon lard or butter, a slice garlic or teaspoon onion juice, scramble quickly, serve on toast, garnish with spoonful red chile sauce and parsley.

Pimiento Egg

Hard boil small eggs, shell, salt, put each in a canned pimiento large enough to close end with toothpick, salt well, dip in batter, fry in deep fat, slice in half lengthwise, make cup white sauce, add tablespoon green chile pulp, serve on egg, good and pretty Spanish color effect.

Spanish Eggs in Peppers

Scald large sweet peppers; peel, cut in half, remove seeds, half fill with minced onion fried brown, one teaspoon red chile sauce, tablespoon tomato sauce or catsup. Break one egg and scramble and pile on top. Decorate with red chile powder and parsley. Or break egg whole on top of sauce and bake in oven.

Spanish Eggs, Shirred

Brown in a teaspoon of butter or bacon fat, one teaspoon of minced onion, add teaspoon of flour, salt to taste, one teaspoon prepared chile sauce, one-fourth cup raw tomato. Cook and pour into individual baking dish and break egg over top. Set in oven until eggs are covered with a film. Garnish with sprigs of parsley and serve hot.







"Carne Espanol"
(Spanish Meats)

Spanish Steak (Elegante)

Slightly grease very hot skillet with olive oil. Select tender steak, sear both sides, turning until cooked as desired. Make ready a sauce as follows: Melt two tablespoons butter, one of olive oil together, add tablespoon onion, one small button of garlic, one tablespoon parsley, one green sweet pepper, and two tablespoons chili pulp. When well browned, add tablespoon flour and brown, add one can prepared tomato soup or two cups fresh chopped tomatoes, cook five minutes, strain and pour over hot steak. Garnish with mushrooms and ripe olives browned in butter, sprinkled with salt and chile pepper and sprigs of parsley, or if cheese is liked, sprinkle grated yellow cheese over steak and sauce, melt in oven, serve hot, or use Spanish prepared sauce.


Spanish Steak (Economical)

Select two pounds upper round steak, sear on hot skillet on both sides till crust is formed; then one-half cup suet, half cup hot water, cover; cook slowly half hour, add salt and pepper. Fry one cup chopped onions in tablespoon lard until slightly brown; add tablespoon flour, can tomatoes, teaspoon oregano, two tablespoons green chile pulp; spread over steak, cover and cook twenty minutes longer. Place on serving dish, sprinkle with cheese, set in oven to melt cheese and serve hot.

Flank Steak, Spanish

Have butcher cris cross a flank steak. Rub into it flour, seasoned with salt and chile powder, not too much, spread with lard or melted suet, make a filling of bread crumbs, tomato, chile pulp or powder, onion, aregano, bay leaf, salt, roll up and tie. Put tablespoon lard, cup tomato, little salt on top, cover and bake two or three hours slowly.

Spanish Pork Tenderloin Cutlets

Pound tenderloin out flat; cover with flour, seasoned with salt, pepper and chili powder. Fry brown in hot olive oil or bacon fat. Place triangles of toast in center of platter, arrange cutlets standing around toast. Put lettuce cups around outside of cutlets and fill with half of


peeled tomato, sprinkled with cooked rice and parsley, salt and chile powder, or, tomatoes stuffed with a mixture of meat and rice, seasoned with salt, chile powder, onion and butter. Bake until brown on top. Garnish with parsley and set twig of parsley in center of toast.

Mexican Meat Cakes

Mix pork sausage and hamburger equal parts, to two cups meat add one cup wet bread, add one egg, one-fourth cup onion, teaspoon salt, tablespoon green chile pulp, mix and make into cakes one inch thick, put one cup prepared sauce in pan and heat, place meat in sauce, cover, simmer till done.

Spanish Meat Cakes (Delicious)

Use finely ground beef, veal or chicken—raw or cooked. To each cup meat, add one-half cup wet bread crumbs, one-fourth cup chopped mushrooms, browned in a little butter, teaspoon onion juice, one-fourth cup white sauce and salt to taste. Make into round flat cakes; fry in small amount olive oil and butter, until brown; make a sauce of six chopped olives, one-fourth cup mushrooms, tablespoon onion, tablespoon flour in tablespoon each of olive oil and butter; add salt and paprika, and cup of fresh or canned tomatoes, and tablespoon green chile pulp, and pour around meat cakes. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.


Mexican Meat Dumplings

Mix one cup meat raw or cooked, add one-half cup chopped bacon, one-half cup tomatoes, teaspoon salt, tablespoon chile pulp or chile powder, mix to thick dough with corn meal, make into balls size of walnuts, drop in salted boiling water and tomatoes, little lard and corn meal to thicken water when meat is done.

Spanish Beef Stew

Cut one pound stew beef or veal in small two-inch pieces, flour thickly and brown in tablespoon of hot suet; add one-half cup chopped onion, one bay leaf, four cups tomatoes; cook slowly until meat is tender; add salt, one tablespoon chile pulp; one cup cold boiled potatoes—cut in neat squares. When potatoes are hot, serve on triangles of buttered toast.

Mexican Chicken Meat Balls

Two cups ground chicken, two tablespoons finely chopped onion, one-half cup tomato, one-half garlic button, two tablespoons chopped sweet pepper, one egg, one teaspoon mint leaves, one-half teaspoon aregano, one teaspoon salt, one tablespoon butter, three tablespoons corn meal mush, mix together, roll in flour, make into balls, fry in deep fat, or bake in oven, serve with Spanish sauce.


Spanish Fish Stew

Cut fish in three-inch pieces, salt and roll in corn meal. Heat tablespoon bacon fat and one of olive oil, add half cup sliced onion, fry brown, add fish and brown, add enough tomato to barely cover fish, two tablespoons chile sauce, salt to taste, pinch safron, and aregano; cook few minutes. Serve on platter. Garnish with potato balls sprinkled with chopped parsley.

Spanish Baked Fish

Make a filling of bread crumbs wet with one cup of tomatoes, add one tablespoon minced onion, one tablespoon parsley, one-half cup red tomato pulp, two tablespoons melted butter, ten sliced olives, one-half cup seedless raisins; fill and sew up fish. Place in pan. When done, remove carefully to hot platter and peel off skin. Pour hot prepared Spanish sauce over fish; garnish with lemon and parsley. Awfully good.

Spanish Fried Fish

Salt and dip Barracuda or any tender fish in a batter made of egg, flour, milk and salt. Fry in deep hot olive oil. Serve with sauce made by browning tablespoon onion in tablespoon olive oil, adding tablespoon flour and browning, then add one cup tomatoes, two tablespoons green or red chile pulp, salt; cook and pour across center of fish, allowing brown crisp ends to show. Garnish with slices of sweet green pepper, lemon and parsley.


Spanish Hash

Put a layer of seasoned whipped potatoes one inch thick in a shallow baking pan. Another layer of finely chopped beef, lamb, veal, fish, or fowl; seasoned with salt and pepper and a little onion browned in lard; prepare a top layer of one cup onions, one green and one sweet red pepper, one tablespoon parsley, teaspoon chili powder or pulp, salt, tablespoon flour—all browned in two tablespoons lard. Add one-half can tomatoes; cook till thick; spread over meat layer, sprinkle with bread crumbs, bits of cheese and bake. Dainty when baked in individual dishes.

Spanish Curry Hash

Brown in two tablespoons butter, three tablespoons chopped onions, one cup ground meat,—one or more kinds, one cup tomatoes, ten sliced olives, one tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, one chopped green sweet pepper, one-fourth teaspoon curry powder, one tablespoon flour; add cup of any meat stock or hot water; salt to taste; add one cup cooked rice; alternate in layer with hash. Pour little butter over top and bake. Garnish with parsley and slices of hard cooked egg.

Spanish Stewed Rabbit

Gut and roll rabbit in meal and flour, salt and chile powder, fry nice brown, cover with Spanish sauce, little hot water, add one-half cup raisins, stew ten minutes, garnish with toast and mint.


Spanish Chicken Stew

Cut up tender chicken, salt and flour, brown in small amount of olive oil. Keep hot. Add tablespoon butter to oil left in frying pan; add one-half cup onions, one small clove of garlic, tablespoon parsley, two tablespoons flour; brown all together and add two cups tomatoes, two tablespoons chile pulp and one teaspoon sugar; cook until thick; pour over chicken; garnish with buttered toast and green peas.

Spanish Style Stuffed Chicken

Brown a fat tender chicken in a small amount of lard by turning over and over for a few minutes. Make a dressing of two cups bread crumbs, three tablespoons pulp of sweet green peppers, one cup tomatoes, two tablespoons chopped onion, one-half cup claret, two tablespoons sugar, one-half cup sliced onions, one-half cup seeded raisins, one teaspoon white pepper, and salt to taste. Stuff chicken and bake in closed pan one hour. Make gravy of drippings by adding flour, mushroom sauce and hot water. Pour over chicken.

Spanish Baked Chicken En Casserole

Salt a tender chicken, rub inside and out with onion, butter and flour. Put in a large casserole. Pour in bottom one cup hot water, one teaspoon oregano; add can mushrooms, stems and trimmings; one dozen sliced olives, two tablespoons green Spanish sauce, and one chopped


pimiento, two cups of tomatoes, one tablespoon butter and tablespoon flour to thicken; salt to taste; cover and cook till done; add cup of cream and cook ten to fifteen minutes longer. Dip buttered toast in sherry—enough toast for each guest; lay on top of chicken; cover; let stand few minutes. Serve from casserole.

Spanish Dressing for Chicken or Turkey

One pint of cold corn bread, one cup rich chicken or turkey broth, one-half cup roasted chopped chestnuts, one tablespoon butter, one hard-boiled egg minced, one teaspoon black pepper, three tablespoons red chile pulp, one-fourth cup minced onion, large tablespoon minced parsley, one egg whipped very light, salt to taste, stuff turkey or chicken, when baked, make the ordinary dressing of the drippings and chile sauce, to serve on dressing.

Spanish Tripe

In three tablespoons butter, fry one-half cup onion. Cut one pound tripe into narrow strips; salt and roll in flour. Add one tablespoon flour to fat and brown; add to this one cup tomato, season with tablespoon chile powder or pulp, one teaspoon sugar. Let simmer until very tender. Serve hot.







(Spanish Beans)

How to Cook Beans

Soak over night, put in fresh water in the morning and add one-fourth teaspoon of soda to each quart of water, boil until half done, drain and add more boiling water and cook till tender. Boil longer when they are to be mashed.

Frijoles (Bean) Sauce

Cook red Spanish beans tender, put in pan with hot lard, add onions, green or red chile pulp, salt, brown a little flour with it, mash, press through sieve, add meat stock to thin for sauce, serve over meat or whole beans.


Soak pink or kidney beans over night, boil till tender in salted water with pinch soda. Drain and add can tomatoes, pulp of three red and three green chile peppers, one-half cup onions fried in bacon fat, salt to taste, boil slowly till very soft.


Spanish Mashed Baked Beans

Cook pink or kidney beans in salted water with pinch of soda until very soft. Drain and mash, fry bacon crisp, remove from pan and turn beans into fat, let brown and turn out on hot platter, pour hot Spanish sauce over, garnish with bacon and parsley.

Spanish Beans Au Gratin

Two cups of well-cooked beans, drained of water—into two tablespoons of hot lard, two tablespoons of red chile pulp; brown; add one-half cup grated cheese, stir until melted. Serve piping hot.
















Arroz a la Espanol
(Spanish Rice)

How to Cook Rice

Wash rice in several waters, drain, rub between towels until dry, throw the rice spoonful at a time, one cup to five cups, into boiling hot salted water, boil hard for ten minutes then slowly until all water is absorbed, put asbestos mat under vessel and do not stir; grains will be dry and separate from each other.

Spanish Rice—Mint Flavor

Heat two tablespoons lard, bacon or olive oil, add tablespoon chopped onion, one-half teaspoon salt, one-half teaspoon chile powder, pinch of mint leaves, slightly cook, add one cup rice and stir about until rice begins to color, add four cups hot water, cook slowly until all water is absorbed. Pile on platter and cover with Spanish sauce.


Spanish Rice

Fry heaping tablespoon chipped bacon, add one garlic, stir, cook few minutes, add one cup washed and dried rice, one can tomatoes, salt, add one-half cup chile pulp, cook slowly; when about dry, add meat stock or hot water to finish cooking, but just enough to have rice dry and grains separated when done.

Spanish Rice au Gratin

Boil one cup rice in five cups water, add a button of garlic, teaspoon salt; when done remove garlic. Drain any water and put in baking vessel alternate layers of rice, Spanish sauce and cheese, topping with sauce and cheese on top. Bake until hot through and cheese a rich brown.

Green Peppers With Rice

Chop two tablespoons onion, two tablespoons red sweet peppers, two tablespoons green sweet peppers very fine, fry until tender with a tablespoon chopped salt pork. Add two cups tomatoes, cook and add tablespoon chile pepper, salt, fill green sweet peppers, put butter on top, sprinkle of brown sugar, lemon juice; bake.
















Spanish Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Chile Pepper

Fry chile peppers until they puff under skin; cool and peel; cut out stem, and with a spoon remove seed. Prepare a mixture of any kind of meat, to a cup of meat, one tablespoon of chopped onion, one clove garlic, one-half cup tomatoes, one-half cup of sliced olives, one-fourth raisins—chopped very fine. Add one tablespoon vinegar, and cook in two tablespoons hot lard; cool and fill the chile peppers. Beat desired number of eggs separately, add a tablespoon flour, one of milk to each egg, and season with salt and red pepper. Dip chile in batter, and fry brown in hot lard, drain, sprinkle with chopped parsley; serve hot. A prepared sauce may be served over chile or a white sauce with apple, raisins, peach preserves or marmalades added to desired taste. Delicious.


Spanish Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Mix one cup of ground meat, any kind, with half cup bread, two tablespoons onion, one-half cup tomatoes, one tablespoon sugar, one-half raisins, cook all together in one tablespoon hot butter for a few minutes, cool, add one egg, salt, chile powder, fill large sweet pepper that has all seed removed, set close together and fill in between with raw tomato, salt, pinch aregano to reach top of tomatoes, sprinkle with bread crumbs and bake until well done and brown.

Sweet Spanish Peppers With Sardines

Roast or scald and peel green sweet peppers, take out seed and veins, mix with half cup vinegar, half cup water, add one-half garlic button, one-half teaspoon aregano, piece of cinnamon; soak all night. Make filling of one-half cup bread, tablespoon onion, one-half cup tomatoes, tablespoon sliced olives, six seedless raisins, drain peppers and fill. Cover with melted butter, bread and grated cheese. Bake and serve hot.

Spanish Cheese and Pepper Fritters

Heat and peel green hot or sweet peppers; remove seed and fill with salt and red pepper, mixture of cheese and bread, wet in tomato juice—half and half—fasten with toothpicks; dip in egg and roll in bread; fry in deep fat; serve with Spanish sauce and circle of hard-boiled eggs.


Chiles Stuffed With Cheese

Mix half cup bread wet with one-half cup tomatoes and one-half cup Queso Mexicano (a Mexican cheese), tablespoon onion, one-half button garlic, tablespoon parsley, salt, pepper, one-fourth cup sliced olives, mushroom or raisins chopped and fried in tablespoon lard until tender. Add the bread and cheese, when cool, stuff chiles, dip in the egg batter and fry in deep fat or saute in butter. To be eaten hot served with or without sauce.

Spanish Onion

Grind one cup raw liver to a pulp, remove strings, add one whipped egg, one tablespoon onion juice, one-fourth cup cracker crumbs wet, one and one-half cup milk, one-half teaspoon salt; fill boiled onions (centers removed); cover with grated cheese, cover and cook until liver is firm. Remove cover, brown slightly, serve with a prepared Spanish sauce.

Spanish Onions

Brown two tablespoons of flour in two tablespoons butter; add two tablespoons chopped onion, two tablespoons sliced olives, two tablespoons raisins, chopped sour pickle, one tablespoon parsley, two tablespoons chopped nuts, one-half cup bread crumbs, one-half cup cooked chicken, pork or veal, one teaspoon salt. Fill


onions that have been boiled tender, and centers removed—pile high—put large lump cheese on top and bake. Serve with sauce made of one tablespoon butter, one tablespoon flour, two tablespoons lemon juice, one-half cup water and finely chopped parsley.

Spanish Stuffed Potatoes

Rub lard on large smooth potatoes. Bake until soft; cut off a slice and cut out center of potatoes, add two tablespoons butter, one tablespoon of finely cut parsley, two tablespoons of pimiento—chopped—cucumber, chopped—one-fourth teaspoon chile powder, two tablespoons hot milk, one-half whipped egg; beat up until light, fill potato shell. Place two strips of bacon on top, set in oven until bacon is crisp. Garnish with stripe of pimiento and parsley.

Mexican Baked Macaroni or Spaghetti

Cook and drain macaroni or spaghetti, two cups of either; heat one-fourth cup olive oil, add clove of garlic and one-half cup chipped dried beef, cook until beef curls, add tablespoon flour, brown, add one-half cup chopped mushrooms, two tablespoons green chile pulp, one large pimiento chopped fine, add two cups tomatoes, cook all together, salt to taste, mix with macaroni, put in baking dish, cover with grated Mexican cheese (Queso Mexicano), bake till cheese is melted.


Calabasas (Summer Squash)

Cook round summer squash in salted water until tender; remove centers. Mix with egg, bread crumbs and grated cheese, salt and chile powder. Fill center of squash, pile high, sprinkle with cheese, and bits of butter; bake in a hot oven. Garnish with bits of red chile pepper and chopped parsley mixed with a little hot butter.





Spanish Cheese Fingers

To serve with all salads. Make very short pie paste with butter, salt; roll and fold several times, sprinkle with grated cheese and chile pepper; roll it into paste enough to make it stick, cut in strips, bake in hot oven, tie in bunches with red ribbon, garnish with sprig of parsley, or cut strips of bread; cover with paste of melted cheese and chile pepper, toast in oven, serve with salads.

Mexican Sandwiches

Remove seeds from chiles, green and red, if canned, chop fine; if raw, roast or scald and peel; first fry separately in a little butter, salt to taste, little lemon juice, don't brown. Spread between layers of thickly cut white and brown bread alternately, with one slice of bread buttered and sprinkle thickly with grated cheese; the color effect is pretty when cut in fancy shapes and served on crisp lettuce leaf, or mix red and green chile together; fry, cool, add grated cheese, spread on tortillas that have been dipped in hot butter, roll lightly, fasten with toothpick; garnish with sprig parsley; serve on crisp lettuce leaves.


Spanish Brown Cake

Cream two cups brown sugar with one cup butter, pour around this one cup sweet or sour milk, whip four eggs and pour on top, add three cups flour with three teaspoons baking powder sifted through, two teaspoons cinnamon, mix and pour into baking tins, sprinkle top with brown sugar, ground pecans and cinnamon while raw; bake in medium oven. Or add enough flour on rolling board to make a soft dough, cut into large round buns; bake and spread with icing made of hot water and brown sugar cooked until thick with pecan nuts added.

Spanish Chocolate Cake

Get the Spanish chocolate, a little round cake about three inches across, flavor different from other chocolate. Melt two cakes, add one-half cup butter, one cup brown sugar, beat four eggs separately, mix yolk into chocolate, butter and sugar, beat well, pour one cup milk on top, the beaten egg white on top of milk, three cups flour with two tablespoons baking powder, stir all together, add teaspoon vanilla, bake in loaf or layers, make icing of melted chocolate cake, tablespoon butter, one-half cup brown sugar, cook; when cool spread on cake or use as filling.


Mexican Candy

Two cups dark brown sugar, one-half cup water, teaspoon butter, cook until it forms a soft ball in water, put pecan nuts in bottom of buttered saucers and pour sugar on while hot; let cool and there is the little thin round cakes one sees on the street sold by Mexicans.






List of Mexican Supplies in Mexican Stores

               As safron (Safron), used for flavoring meat and chile dishes.

               Oregano (Mexican sage), used for flavoring all meat and chile dishes.

               Cominos (common seed), used for flavoring all meat and chile dishes.

               Cilantio (Cariandos seed), used for flavoring all meat and chile dishes.

               Frijoles Colorado (pink beans).

               Appelito Marado (a blue Mexican bean).

               Belotas (Mexican acorns).

               Pinones (pine nuts).

               Maize Blanco (white corn), used for Mexican dishes.

               Ojas (corn husk for Tamales).

               Queso de tina (cheese made of cactus sweetened).

               Queso Mexicano (a Mexican cheese).

               Panocha (dark cane sugar in cone shape cakes).

               Piloncillo (light brown cane sugar in cone shape cakes).

               Chile Colorado (red chile), chile sauce.

               Dule tipinos (small round red chile used for pepper sauces).

               Pinole corn or wheat parched ground for Mexican drink, flavored with cinnamon and sweetened with sugar, mixed with milk or water.

               Nixtamal Mexican Corn prepared old time way, ground in mortars.

               Choriso (Mexican sausage).

               Jammiello (Hamirello), candy made of pumpkin.

               Cojeta de membrio, preserves made of quinces and Panocha.

               Cojeta de camote, sweet potatoes and panocha, preserves.

               Tamarindo, a dried fruit to soak in water and sweetened for a drink.

               Tomatillas, a small wild green tomato.

Classification of Recipes



Spanish Dinner


Spanish Menu


Ensaladas Espanol (Spanish Salads)


Sopa Espanol (Spanish Soups)






Chili Pulps and Sauces


Pickles and Relishes


Chili Con Carne




Eggs, Omelets, Etc.


Carne Espanol (Spanish Meats)


Frijoles (Spanish Beans)


Arroz a la Espanol (Spanish Rice)


Spanish Stuffed Peppers and Onions


Spaghetti, Macaroni


Stuffed Potatoes


Summer Squash


Spanish Cheese Fingers


Mexican Sandwiches


Spanish Brown Cake


Spanish Chocolate Cake


Mexican Candy



Ensalada de Frijoles
[Pink Bean Salad]


Sopa de Papas
[Potato Soup]


Arroz a la Creole
[Rice, Spanish]


Enchiladas a la Brabo


Enpanadas de Ternera, Espagnol
[Veal Cutlet, Spanish]


Frijoles Con Carne
[Pink Beans with Cheese]


Dulce de Naranja
[Orange Pudding]





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