Caesar and the Princess HTML version

Caesar and the princess
Chapter one
l was only seven, l had no idea what was going on. But now l know, my uncle was trading me to
keep his kingdom from the dictator Sulla. By rights the kingdom of Avarisca was mine, but he stole
it, he killed my mother and maybe plans to kill me as well. l am the avatar, as l just found out
today and my uncle has intense hatred of the avatar, he burned the last one to death.
“Here you go” says my uncle.
“What” laughs Sulla sullenly.
“This girl is a great prize, she is the avatar, do you want to keep her, in return l want my kingdom”
my uncle requests.
“Well alright, maybe she can win my battles for me, ha” he says. “Come on Liz, were going “so he
knows my name, l thought. l refused to go with him.
“NO” l scream.
“You’re going with him, end of discussion” says my uncle.
“No, why should l listen to you, you murderer, you killed my mother” l protest.
“She was a whore, she deserved to die, now go or you will share the same fate as the last avatar”
he threatens.
“Fine, but one day l will get my revenge on you for this” l was too young to be even plotting
revenge, but the death of my mother had hardened my soul, you could almost say l was no longer
“Don’t worry, she won’t do you no harm, not when she’s in my care, isn’t that right Liz?” he
questions. l don’t answer him, instead l just turn my neck to the side. “Not so tough now, isn’t
she?” he asks my uncle.
“No” he says looking down on me as if l were an insect. l feel an anger burning inside me, to be
taken away to Rome, I’d rather be dead, but it was my fate for the moment.
“You’d better not try to escape you little brat” threatens Pompey, Sullas right-hand man. His
comment makes me very angry, I’m a little brat am l, if you think that l will be a little brat just
because you said I’m a little brat l will be a little brat, l thought cheekily. Maybe, just maybe, l
thought, going to Rome would be a good thing, l would get away from my evil scheming uncle for
good, l would never see that horrible man l detested ever again.
Two months later
l had a good life in Sullas house, l got all the toys l wanted, all the books l wanted to read l read
them, you could say l was a happy thriving seven year old. But it wasn’t all as good as it seemed,