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CMMI Implementation Guide
A Practitioner?s Perspective
Copyright2013 Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy
This CMMI Implementation Guide is a reference book for anyone interested in implementing
CMMI in their organization. The purpose of this book is, to provide insight in to CMMI
Implementation phases and best practices to be followed in this journey. Most of us agree, that
CMMI is more a De facto model that IT Industry follows and other industries also has shown lot
of interest in adopting this model. The day to day popularity and its adoption rate is on the surge
for CMMI. In this scenario, this book will help the new organizations and implementers, on how
to approach CMMI Implementation practically in their organization. This book is not a
replacement to the Model or to the resources which CMMI Institute Publishes. This is only a n
additional resource which user can benefit from.
CMMI Institute holds the complete authority and rights to CMMI model and all the components
within the framework. This book is prepared based on the experience of a practitioner on
implementing the model in various organizations. The Author has worked in multiple roles in
CMMI Implementation and has global exposure in implementing the model. We re iterate that for
all the model related details and updates, please visit CMMI Institute website and contact CMMI
Institute team for any clarifications.
This book is intent to give you guidance on how to approach CMMI Implementation in your
organization from initiation, planning, execution, appraisal and sustenance. This book gives
various practical approaches followed by organizations as typical examples. Implementation of
CMMI is not an activity for marketing and bidding, it?s more than that, its strengthening of your
product development & Service delivery models to achieve your business results. Considering
this you would want CMMI Implementation to bring in the real cultural change and value to your
business. This book provides you information which is us eful for deciding, planning and
implementing CMMI in Successful way.
Be clear, there are many ways to implement CMMI and its practices. Having a better consultant
or Engaging a CMMI Institute Partner in your Journey is always helpful in removing the b arriers
at right time, however in this book we are giving the details, which one should be aware of in
this journey to better utilize the resources and control the program.
This book is suggested for senior management people, process quality assurance people, delivery
people and anyone interested to know about CMMI Implementation. Understanding on the topics
given in this book will help them to strategize for successful CMMI Implementation.