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Buy Anything Wholesale

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You have just bough the best wholesale supplier, drop shipping, overstock, and closeout information product available on the Internet today!


How do I know that this “wholesale list” is the best there is?

First of all, I have interviewed over 50 eBay power sellers and asked them to reveal exactly where and how they get their hands on the products they sell. I didn’t just guess, and I didn’t just search through the Internet, copied all of the supplier web addresses and sold what I copied to you.

I have also bough my competitors’ products (wholesale lists), and I can tell you that my product is hands down the best there is.


This wholesale resource product is the best because it doesn’t only give you links to wholesalers, manufacturers and drop-shippers, it tells you where to find them as well.

Regularly all you would get from a wholesale list is just a bunch of useless links to suppliers’ websites. Most of the links would probably be dead and the suppliers out of business.

And that is the problem with most wholesale lists, they simply give you a bunch of links and always leave out the part on where they got those links. And that is the biggest difference between this wholesale guide and most wholesale lists.

This guide actually teaches you exactly where to find wholesale suppliers contact information your self, so you will never have to rely on someone else for wholesale supplier information again!


Before you see all of the resource links, I must tell you again that this is not a wholesale list. The links below are web directories full of manufacturers, suppliers, drop-shippers, wholesalers, liquidators etc. This is exactly where eBay power sellers and wholesale list makers get their information from. ENJOY!

Here it is, here is the information you paid for. The links below will open up a whole new world, where a supplier’s website or contact information is no “secret” and where there are literally hundreds of thousands of products at your finger tips.

The websites below are not actually secrets and you can easily find them if you know where and how to look. The people that make these websites secret are the creators of wholesale lists. The information below is what no wholesale list seller in the world wants you to know about.

IMPORTANT: You are about to receive the information you need in order to start your own online business, you are about to take the next step. What I ask of you is not to take the following information for granted, but put it to good use and make the best of it.

If you are truly serious about taking the next step and starting your online or offline business, than the following information will help you a great deal. But it is up to you to put that information into good use. Knowing this information alone will not accomplish anything, you must take action!

And that is exactly what you should do as soon as you read the “Buy-AnythingWholesale” Guide….take action! And don’t stop until you accomplish your goals!


Note: If you can't find the product you want in one of the following websites, either try different keyword or look for it in another website.


The Best of The Best:

http:// – (or .ca or I recommend you try this before you try anything else. This is the best way to find suppliers in your area and you can do it over the Internet! This website will find you suppliers in your area, give you their addresses and phone #’s and even shows you where they are located on a map. Remember, a good supplier close to home is better than a great one far away.

This is a very underrated and overlooked website. The reason you should use yellow pages is because it will find suppliers in your city (why look in India when you can get it in your city?).
To use this website properly simply type in “wholesale” into the search box and you will be given a bunch of sub-directories. It’s amazing how many suppliers there are right under your nose!

http:// – this is a huge directory of suppliers from all over the world. It works like a search engine: type in what you want and chances are alibaba has it. Not all of the suppliers on this website are actually real suppliers (some are manufacturers while other are retailers), but you will definitely be able to find a lot of products to sell on eBay. – this is very similar to alibaba. Suppliers from all over the world

http:// – another great website directory with suppliers from all over the world. The suppliers on this website are all legitimate businesses. Most of the suppliers in this directory are the actual manufacturers of the products they sell, that means you get the absolute lowest prices (this is where wholesalers get their stuff). – another web directory. All the suppliers are legitimate businesses and a lot of them are the actual manufacturers of the products they sell.

http:// – a very good website. Thousands of wholesale, overstock lots and pallets for sale. Mainly overstock, surplus and refurbished products. You can find some incredible deals on this website. I mean 80% off wholesale prices! You can find just about everything here. – clothing suppliers, overstock, surplus and salvage clothing – some insane discounts here! – computers, laptops, printers etc. – suppliers and manufacturers from china. Similar to alibaba and ec21 – very good.


Second Best: – this website is not as good as the ones listed above but is still 100 times better than a wholesale list. - The Google directory is also a good place to find links to supplier websites. – toy wholesale directory. flea market guide.

http:// - another supplier directory. Not as easy to use as alibaba or ec21 but worth a look anyway. - a small directory. Has links to wholesalers and drop shippers. - a USA wholesale directory. – wholesale directory.

http:// – in case you can’t decide what it is you want to sell, you can go to Andale and type your choices into their price finder tool. This tool lets you see the average selling price the item(s) you want to sell go for on eBay and tells you if the product is “HOT” or not. Andale also has a supplier search tool.

Note: You can find out if the product you have decided to sell is hot or not by going to eBay and searching for it. If most of the listings that show up in your search don’t have any bids, your product is definitely not hot. In that case you should find another product.

http:// you can also find suppliers on eBay, you can do this by searching “wholesale lot” or “wholesale”. Believe it or not, many power sellers actually started out by buying off eBay and reselling the stuff they bought on eBay…for a profit!

What ever it is that you want to sell, Nike shoes, designer clothing, laptop computers, cell phones, binoculars, ladies underwear, mini motorcycles, ATV quad bikes, watches, mp3 players, beads, fabric, car wheels etc. Chances are you can find it through one or more of the above websites.

You can also find suppliers by searching for them on http:// You have probably already tried but have never been able to find a good supplier. The reason for that is you probably didn’t know what to search for, or the key words you should use in order to get the best results.

When searching try key words like: “overstock”, “closeout”, “liquidation”, “salvage”, “auction”, “surplus”, “refurbished”, “refurb”, “wholesale”, “supplier” and other similar words. Try these words by themselves as well as together with the name of the product(s) you are searching for, for example: “refurb camera”, “laptop liquidation”, etc..

While Google is a much slower way to search for suppliers, you can sometimes find suppliers on Google that you can’t find anywhere else. Because supplier directories can only find suppliers that are included in the directory, Google on the other hand can find just about any website on the internet.

I have found a very good and reliable watch supplier by using Google. The web address of this supplier is or and he sells Swiss army watches and knives. This supplier has a large selection of new and refurbished (best value) watches. If you would like to give this supplier a try, email him and ask about wholesale prices because the prices on the website are NOT wholesale. The wholesale prices this supplier gives are as low as they get and when I was buying from him, there were no minimum orders (that means you don’t have to buy a certain amount of watches in order to get the wholesale discount).