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Burnt Stones
Mike Connell
Audio Transcripts of 3 Sermons
Burnt Stones (3 sermons)
Burnt Stones (1 of 4) Stones are a picture of people. The church in its early days was filled with glory - it changed
the Roman Empire, and influenced nations. Then it went through a dark season - but we are in days now when God
is rebuilding His church, and the Bible says: the glory of that latter house will be greater than the glory of the former!
An indignant Moabite mocked the Jews, saying: will they offer sacrifices and complete it in a day? Will they revi ve the
stones out of the heaps of rubbish, stones that have been burned in the fire? It's a picture of demonic spirits arrayed
against us, arrayed against God's purpose & plan, scorning & belittling you, saying: is it possible for God to ra ise up
people whose lives have been burnt?
Once a stone was burnt and crumbled, it was easy to pull it out of position. If you have e ver been burnt by the fires of
pain, disappointment, offence, it's very easy for you to be removed out of the wall of des tiny, out of where God has
positioned you to grow, to be planted, and to become successful in your walk as a Christian. When we walk through a
difficult season in our life, it's what the Bible calls a 'fiery trial' - a trial by fire. What is at stake is your destiny, and
what's being tested is the quality of your faith in God.
Burnt Stones (2 of 4) There is no believer in Christ who's not called to restore burnt stones. True religion is to visit
the widows and the orphans in their affliction, to visit the burnt stones and comfort them. You cannot have a vibrant,
vital spirit life and not minister to burnt stones. That is the heart of God - people, ruined cities, burnt stones,
devastations of generations. God wants to heal and res tore them.
Passionless religion is a curse. It's not Biblical. Conservative, passionless, expressionless religion does not change
anything. God wants a fire ignited in our hearts, a fire for the lost, a fire for burnt stones, a fire that's not just come out
of human concern and sympathy, a fire that's ignited out of the place of prayer and fasting!
God gives every believer an axe head - it's the anointing of the Holy Ghost. It's your responsibility not to lose the flow
of God's power and presence. It's your responsibility to keep that a xe head sharp - to learn to listen, hear, and
respond-to to the voice of God, to do the things God's showing you to do, wherever it might be. We're all called to be
an axe for Jesus Christ.
Burnt Stones (3 of 4) When Nehemiah looked around and saw the broken lives, it was in his heart not to judge or
condemn, but to be part of the answer.