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Chapter 1
Why Exercise with Weights
Far too many people overlook the many health and
fitness benefits that weight training has to offer,
and because of this, experience problems down the
road such as decreased bone density, a slowed
metabolic rate, increased stress levels and other
negative consequences that are associated with
constant stress.
Numerous studies have demonstrated that regular
weight training can have a positive effect on health
by showing reductions in the rate of insulin
resistance, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease,
and even cancer.
If you couple a solid weight training program with a
well-thought out diet, you’ll be putting your best
foot forward at warding off these chronic problems
Increased Bone Density Weight lifting will
increase your bone density and help ward off
osteoporosis or stress fractures in the future.
Many people think running is the best exercise for
increasing bone density, but running actually
promotes muscle breakdown, while weight lifting,
being an anabolic process, helps to promote the
building of tissues and therefore is much better at
preserving your bone mass.
Decreased Frequency of Injuries When you
strength train, not only are your muscles going to
get stronger, but you’ll also work the ligaments and
tendons that are connecting bones, muscles, and