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Copyright 2013 Mark Revis
Level 1 Book 5
A Mark’s Mad Phonics Reader.
This book reviews the short u vowel sound
This is NOT just a story!
This is part of a series of books to help young children to read. This book is
level 1 book 5.
Each book in the series contains 3 stories. Each story follows the same
story line, but each is of different level. So your child can read through the
series again and again, each time choosing a harder level.
The first level of each book also has audio (go to the last page of the book
to find a special link to download the .mp3 audio file) Let your child listen to a
native English speaker read the book as they read along.
Each book also contains 3 worksheets that you can print out (go to the
last page of the book to find special links to download .pdf files that easily print).
These worksheets will practice the skills in the story books and will help your
child become a first class reader!
This is a level 1 book. Once your child has completed this level they can
move up to level 2 where they will read longer and more complex books.
These books and all the others in our series can be found at
With Mark’s Mad Phonics every child can become a fluent and
independent reader!
Beginner Story