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Bug Out Bag
Table of Contents
4. What Is A Bug Out Bag... and Why Should You Build One?
5. How To Select Your Bug Out Bag
6. Bug Out Bag Documents
7. Water & Water Purification
8. Communicating With A HAM Radio When SHTF
9. 5 Dependable Food Sources For Your Bag
10. Must-Have Cold Gear Clothing For Your Bag
11. Sheltering From The Elements
12. First Aid Kit Item Recommendations
13. 8 Easy Ways To Start Fire For Cooking, Sterilizing & Staying
14. 5 Must Have Personal Protection Items
15. 43 Base Camp Post-Bug Out Bag Items To Have
16. Addition Considerations For Your BOL (Bug Out Location)
17. Bugging Out With Your Pets
18. Comprehensive Questions
19. Comprehensive Questions With Answers
20. Survival Seeds For Life - How To Survive The Coming Ban Of
Heirloom Seeds, Organic Seeds and Non Hybrid Seeds
21. Martial Law Manual - What You Need To Know When The
22. Survival Gardening - Post Economic Collapse Food Production
23. Recommended Library of Survival Books (Physical Copies
Bug Out Bag List 3