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The two key things that can have a huge impact on the cost of your vacation are the destination
and the time of year. In fact, the single biggest saver is likely to be when you travel, not how
successfully you manage to haggle for that last minute hotel bargain!
Don’t overlook the importance of considering these two factors together. Some destinations will
be extremely cheap at one time of year yet finding a bargain four months later may be
impossible. Traveling to a popular destination at a peak time will never be cheap. For example
staying at a luxury hotel in a party city on New Year’s Eve is not likely to be a budget holiday;
however, traveling to a traditional summer resort over New Year’s may be a very different story.
One thing that is very important to realize is that low seasons are low for a reason. A classic
example of this is hurricane season in the Caribbean and Florida. Other low seasons to be wary
of are the extremely hot areas such as Egypt during the summer months, when the heat can be so
oppressive that it makes the holiday less enjoyable. Summer resorts are often so quiet during low
season that there is quite literally nowhere open. This can be great for a retreat, but when it
comes to a raging nightlife you may be sadly disappointed!
2.1. Shoulder Season
Shoulder season is the perfect time to be trying to travel for those who want to find a happy
medium between low and peak seasons. Identifying where is in shoulder season when you want
to travel or when your favorite destination is in shoulder season can save you literally hundreds
of dollars.