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Traveling as a family can really add to the costs. Children are often charged a lot more than
seems fair and the overall price of a family holiday can soon get out of hand by the time you
factor in all of the food and activities.
10.1. Family Camps
An increasingly popular choice for families is the family camp. Accommodation varies with
everything from a basic tent to well equipped log cabins with all of the modern facilities that you
would expect in a large hotel.
YMCA offer a range of camps such as the Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado that spans 5,100
acres and can host 2,500 people in cabins. Activities are available for children aged 3 and over
including skiing, climbing and riding. Adults can enjoy use of the gym and health centre or
simply enjoy a bit of quiet time while the children are being tired out!
10.2. Money Saving Booking Tips
When you are booking with children it is really important to get to know what deals are
available. Some companies offer children’s prices right up to 16 years old, others start to charge
full price at age 3. Depending on the age of your children, one company may prove substantially
cheaper for the same holiday.
Consider your sleeping arrangements carefully. Some hotels will offer adjoining rooms, others
will have family rooms that sleep children as well as adults. Most hotels will not allow young
children in their own room, so bear this in mind when booking.