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When traveling independently you will almost always do better in terms of price and quality if
you veer away from the traditional places to eat and shops that the guide books mention. Going
off the beaten track can mean you pick up a real bargain.
9.1. Restaurants
Follow the locals; if you head for a tourist orientated restaurant or shop you will find that the
prices are substantially higher and often the food is not of the same quality.
Another good tip is to visit the local market where the locals shop. Not only will you get fresh
products at good prices but you will also enjoy the experience of mixing with the locals. Ask
those around you where to go, after all, it is the locals that are best placed to tell you where to go
for a good deal!
A good way of working out whether a restaurant is geared towards tourists or locals is to see
when it is at its busiest. Tourists tend to eat a lot earlier than the locals in most foreign countries.
Any restaurant that is empty until around 9pm and then fills up is probably frequented by locals.
9.2. Car Rental
When it comes to rental cars the costs can vary widely and it really pays to shop around.
Sometimes you will be offered good deals as part of your hotel stay or airfare, consider these as
combination deals will also be a lot cheaper than you could get on your own.