Budget Travel HTML version

7.1. Introduction
Having decided that you want your bargain holiday, you now have to turn your attention to
starting your search. Knowing where to look for the bargains is the main part of the battle when
it comes to securing that extra special deal.
Traditionally, travelers would only really be able to use local agents to deal with their query.
These days however we have a wealth of options available to us including online consolidators,
auction sites and direct web sites to peruse.
Deciding on the best place to look will depend on a number of factors such as where you are
going, when you are going, whether you need any specialist advice and how much leg work you
want to put in yourself.
In reality the best option will be to consult several different sources, even if it is simply to be
certain that you are getting the best possible deal from your chosen retailer.
7.2. Auction sites
Auction sites are a relatively new concept and one that has still not reached its full potential.
Many people are still wary about the concept of bidding for a holiday. One of the most popular
auction sites that is used at the moment is eBay; however, bidders should be aware that they are
often buying from an individual and the motto ‘buyer beware’ could not be any more
appropriate. However, if you browse through eBay you may find that a lot of the tour operators
advertise their deals on eBay in a clearance type of fashion. If you do not wish to purchase