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Adventure travel has always been regarded as the expensive option. This need not be the case,
although adventure tour operators invariably are expensive as they pay developed world prices to
their sales, marketing and organizational staff.
If you consider a typical adventure holiday, you will find that only a minimal portion of the
overall cost will end up going on the actual adventure part of the holiday. By organizing your
own trip directly, you could save literally thousands of dollars.
Booking an adventure holiday for yourself can be quite tricky so follow these guidelines to make
sure you get it right!
Word of mouth is invaluable when you are considering going off the beaten track. If you
can find someone that you know who has done your trip before, you may be able to get
some excellent tips on what to do and what not to do. First hand experience is the best
sort of experience you can hope to get!
Get hold of a couple of guidebooks on the areas that you are considering. Whilst travel
book writers may vary in opinions, any underlying themes should be taken seriously!
Look at message boards online. The internet is a superb resource and will allow you to
contact many people who have first hand experience of your destination.
If you are going on a guided tour once you reach your destination, make sure that you get
everything straight before you depart. Ensure that you discuss with your guide what is
included and what is not. Agree a price before you leave as you will be in a much weaker
position once you are halfway up a mountain!