Bubbala, Biker Scum and the 'T' Girls HTML version

This Book Is Dedicated To:
The man who haplessly coerced me into participating in his cryogenic experiments involving liquid
nitrogen, snails (which I had to collect), cutting edge high powered microscopes modified with tins
cans and Duct Tape, on the kitchen table on Sunday mornings.
The man who used to greet all the paper delivery people, wearing nothing but a gorilla mask before
descending into his dungeon.
The man who tried to usher me inside his front door brandishing an unsheathed and deadly
thirteenth century Samurai sword, using it single handed to protect me from the three thousand
Egyptians which he was certain were around the corner ready to attack.
The man who once said, that just because we are genetically related, we don’t have to like each
other. Fortunately I do!
To my father, responsible for a ll of the above and so much more, whom I love dearly and who has
always inspired me in more ways than he could imagine.