Bubbala, Biker Scum and the 'T' Girls HTML version

Jacky Yanovsky
I was born into a middle class, mid level Jewish family in the suburbs of London and one of three
My parents met in a Russian Communist Club and my father named me after a famous London
strip bar.
I kid you not.
My mother never cottoned on. I take after my father who was and up to this point, as well as
being into martial arts, still is an unrequited academic who along with cryogenics was infatuated
with the metaphysical poets and other obscure philosophies.
I really broke out in my adolescence, left home at fifteen, the day after I left school in fact and
hitched to India with my friend.
I was only allowed to go if I went to Israel first, as if they could stop me! I travelled extensively,
abroad and in England, having experienced war zones, and in true hippy style, living in a variety of
dwellings including caves and boats.
From my early war experiences I realized that life is short and not a rehearsal. I married my
friend and we have been pretty happy and lucky so far.
In my mind I am still travelling and fortunately we are both pretty similar so who knows where
we may end up.
All I know is that I have this terrible urge to make people laugh and share some mad moments
with me.
Hence this book!
Oh and food is never far from my mind, as you will see.