Bringing Back the Best of Yesterday: Can America Regain Its Edge? HTML version

because why and how could this attractive and grandiose country be so tremendously ill
since the earlier part of the 20th century?
On the outside, this country, with its blossoming fields, magnificent clear streams, high
mountains, white picturesque sandy beaches, and different nationalities of people looks
so perfect to the outside. Perfect to the naked eye, but internally, ill in so many ways.
Kind of like that gorgeous movie star or performer we dream of or admire, who you later
find out, has a serious drug addiction or alcohol problem that you did not know of. We
lost Michael Jackson in 2009 to a drug problem and only now we have found out he was
very lonely and somewhat lost in this own world. His death in some ways parallels this
country in that we look like we have it all, but in reality it is time to look at our faults and
make some changes. Many people would say how can a guy, like Jackson, with all that
money and fame be lonely? Well there is more to this life than just the money that lines
your pocket, and we lost a great man but a lonely and insecure.
It always appeared he had a life so perfect, but little did we know of the struggles he was
enduring daily. He had all the money in the world and the fame and the huge home but
what he did not have was the most important thing - his soul. Maybe things are not as
bright and great as they seem on the outside. If we continue to rot in the inside of our
country soon we will not look good to the outside world as much anymore. Our humanity
in this country has been afraid of change but the time for much change is needed now.
Enough people today need to come together and change the world because if we do not
we will continue in this travel towards destruction.
This writer for one owes it to my country to bring light to our problems, in the hope that
one by one we can change our ways and feel proud of this great nation and really mean it.
It seems like people like myself, have sat back too long and watched our country struggle
and just accepted it as a way of life. Well no more. Through the pages of this book I will
point out factual information that hopefully will alarm people enough to help many to
make changes. All I ask is that you may have picked up this book because you feel the
same way I do so make some immediate changes in your own lives. When people see