Bringing Back the Best of Yesterday: Can America Regain Its Edge? HTML version

This young continent during it hypothetical physical, would have a high temperature and
would be suffering with many kinds of potent illnesses that many have been noticing for
years. Unfortunately, not always knowing what to do, many people have watched our
great nation somewhat decay morally and physically and of course financially. Over the
last fifty years or so, we have seen some positive changes in technology and medicine
and financial growth at different times, and other great things, but are seemingly failing
in other vital areas of existence.
But sadly, we also have witnessed the fabric of our very own society deteriorating at a
rapid pace since the 1950s. The 50’s was a time when the father of the household was
respected and people went to work and gave it all they had but a lot has changed since
then. The mother of the family was also respected and was at home more rearing the
child and be the great nurturer of the family. It was also a time, more than we can say of
today, when people more respected their fellow man and treated them with dignity and
respect. We have turned in to more of a “me” society and it has caught up with us and not
in a good way. The pages of this book will show us that we have done some good for the
world but have also let ourselves falter at the same time.
We have lost many of our virtues and the character that once labeled us as the country
many other countries admired. Sure, we are a great country with many great individuals
and freedoms, but in many regards we have lost our edge as a super power. We have not
lost everything though, and so many know that we can find ourselves again, but it will
take some reflection to get us back. I have so much faith in this nation because there are
still so many great people that love this country and appreciate all our freedoms we enjoy.
This is a time when hopefully many will reach deep into their souls and revert back to
some of the times in our history when everyday life was a little bit more fun and
enjoyable. After the loss of a our country’s beloved John F. Kennedy in Dallas, after he
was assassinated, we had to find ourselves and we are now asked to do it again. This
before mentioned hypothetical doctor would probably be surprised at her findings,