Bringing Back the Best of Yesterday: Can America Regain Its Edge? HTML version

This book is dedicated to my parents Nancy Lee White and JB White and to every great
Bringing Back Some of Yesterday:
Has America Lost Its Edge?
By: David B. White
If there were some kind of hypothetical Universal Doctor, per se, that could give the
world’s countries a complete physical, the United States might go through the battery of
tests and be labeled “sick”. I think other countries, with the way they carry themselves
morally and politically, with their own decaying infrastructures, would also fail in their
checkups as well. For the point of this book, we cannot worry about other countries
health at this time because our own health is what to worry about. The United States is a
young country and has always been a country seen as a young and vibrant nation. It has
in such a short time financially and politically, and domestically built itself up and been
revered by some countries. Over the past fifty years though the United States has seen it
self fail at some things that have caught up with it self.
This Universal doctor would probably then diagnose and scramble to find anything that
can help this troubled country. He may question the family tree or origin of the country
and the people that made it up, to see if genetics had a role in the country’s illness. Could
its genetics be a cause that has lead to the country’s illness or maybe not? Was it laziness
or character loss over the many years that helped to lead the country in this wrong
direction? It is this author’s strong desire after many years of watching to hopefully lead
a revolt and get back to some of the great times we saw in the infancy of this country.
We live in such a freedom-driven country and a proud democracy, but a country that
hopefully sees drastic change in the up and coming years. Talk to anyone and they will
say the same thing and that is that our world and our own country is an insane country
with many more lost people.