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About Tim
My name is Tim McCarthy and I am happy that you have found your way to
this place at this time. Communicating and connecting with like-minded people is
a personal passion of mine.
A little about myself - I am a husband, father, entrepreneur (and social entrepre-
neur), engaged philanthropist and teacher. In 1988, I started a company, Work-
Place Media, now the largest at-work consumer media company in the USA.
I’ve been a student of the advertising and media business since 1975 when I
graduated from Ohio State. 32 years later, in June of 2007, I added an MBA to my
resume, also from Ohio State (Fisher School of Business).
I am a strong believer in karma, which is deined most simply as the “the conse-
quence of my actions.” I try to establish meaningful relationships with everyone I
meet whether at work, church or across country. My proudest business achieve-
ment is that in 19 years of building our company, our only “mission statement”
was the golden rule - treat others as you wish to be treated. This was fre-
quently repeated at our place along with a more wry statement, often used during
crisis, which was “if all else fails, tell the truth.”
In 1998, combining my business knowledge with my philanthropic passion, my
wife, Alice, and I founded Free Hand Inc., an organization assisting charitable
non-proits with executive resources, funds and management. We “ix” broken
charities. The name of “Free Hand” comes from a remark my Mom often made
which was “If you’re not going to give with a free hand, don’t bother giv-
ing.” We’ve made about $1 million in investments to date and have successfully
“turned around” four non-proits (and failed on about seven others).
I also love the ironies and humor of life, such as in May when the same week I
sold my company to a private equity irm for multi-millions, I received a “B” in
my Entrepreneurship class at OSU.