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I kept these visions to myself and told no one, not even my sister Diane, who was
and still is one of my best friends to this day.
Renowned angel author and teacher, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., tells us in her book
“The Light Workers Way”, that Light Workers are those who volunteered before
birth to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear. Each Light
Worker is here for a sacred purpose. Very often, however, life on earth, with its
material focuses, creates a form of amnesia in Light Workers. They forget their
divine and perfect identities, and also forget their ability to miraculously help the
earth and all living creatures. When Light Workers forget their true identity and
purpose, they feel lost and afraid. Like something is missing but they don’t know
what it is.
Although I realize now that the angels had always been guiding and helping me, I
didn’t have another profound angel vision until I was twenty-two years old. It was
then I received a very strong message to clean up my act and to stop drinking.
New Zealand has a party culture and drinking is perfectly normal and socially
acceptable. I had been partying up a storm from a very young age. I wanted to
give it up and would always think “one more party and then next weekend I’ll be
good.” Of course, the next weekend never came. After the angels’ message was
delivered to me, almost overnight I developed a strong aversion to drinking. I had
gone from drinking large quantities to barely tolerating one or two glasses of wine.
I have experienced so many angel stories and events over the years that I hardly
know where to begin to share them all. My next big revelation was to follow
guidance I received from the angels to travel to San Francisco. They gave me no
specific reason why; I just felt a very strong urge to go there. With a leap of faith