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Angelic Inspirations
My Story
The first angel experience that I can vividly remember was at the age of seven. I
had gone to bed upset and was tossing and turning in my sleep when suddenly a
brilliant light entered the room. At first I felt very frightened as I had no idea what
it was, and in that instant, the light took the form of an angel; it appeared very
translucent. I felt enormous amounts of love wash over me and I heard the angel
say to me that “Everything was going to be okay.” The message was very simple
and comforting. But what really comforted me was the loving energy I felt that
went beyond all of my senses and fully connected me to the overwhelming love of
the angels.
Another memory is from when I was eight or nine years old. I remember looking
in the mirror and feeling like an ugly duckling – I had freckles and I was skinny. I
always felt different – like I never fit in – but never understood why. The next
moment, I was shown a vision of my adult self and saw an extremely confident and
beautiful blonde woman who was dressed so cool. I was surrounded by large
audiences and was told my job on earth was to “help other people”. I immediately
protested and said that could not possibly be me. I never imagined that I could be
that confident or beautiful. Again I was shown the same vision and this time they
showed me clearing customs at many airports around the world.