Bridget Engel's Angelic Inspirations


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An Introduction to Working & Connecting With Your Angels. The first angel experience that I can vividly remember was at the age of seven. I had gone to bed upset and was tossing and turning in my sleep when suddenly a brilliant light entered the room. At first I felt very frightened as I had no idea what it was, and in that instant, the light took the form of an angel; it appeared very translucent. I felt enormous amounts of love wash over me and I heard the angel say to me that “Everything was going to be okay.” The message was very simple and comforting. But what really comforted me was the loving energy I felt that went beyond all of my senses and fully connected me to the overwhelming love of the angels.


Though Bridget's knowledge was informative, some of the case studies seemed rather fake.

Joan Smith Rafferty

i love reading about angelic encounters as i have had a few myself


inspirational ...cheered me up tonight at a real crossroads in my financial life with no one to turn to


What a great read. Thought provoking and inspirational. My day was going the same as usual and I was feeling a bit down. Then I read this book and started feeling better. Thank you

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