Bregdan Chronicles - Storm Clouds Rolling In

Storm Clouds Rolling In
A Note from the Author
There are times in the writing of history when we
must use words we personally abh or. The use of the
word ―nigger" in Storm Clouds Rolling In is one of those
times. Though I hate the word, its use is necessary to
reveal and to challenge the prejudices of the time in
order to bring change and healing. Stay with me until
the end – I think you will agree.
My great hope is that Storm Clouds Rolling In will
both entertain and challenge you. I hope you will learn
as much as I did during the months of research it took
to write this book. Though I now live in the Pacific
Northwest, I grew up in the South and lived for 11
years in Richmond, VA. I spent countless hours
exploring the plantations that still line the banks of the
James River and became fascinated by the history.
But, you know, it‘s not the events that fascinate me
so much – it‘s the people. That‘s all history is, you
know. History is the story of people‘s lives. History
reflects the consequences of their choice and actions –
both good and ba d. History is what has given you the
world you live in today – both good an d ba d.
This truth is why I named this series The Bregdan
Chronicles. Bregdan is a Gaelic term for weaving.
Braiding. Every life that has been lived until today is a
part of the woven braid of life. It takes every person‘s
story to create history. Your life will help determine the
course of history. You may think you don‘t have much
of an impact. You do. Every action you take will reflect
in someone else‘s life. Someone else‘s decisions.
Someone else‘s future. Both good and bad. That is the
Bregdan Principle