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“Breathless is a truly captivating read. The characters are impossible to forget.” ~
“Breathless is a book you will fall in love with and want to read over and over again.” ~ Bite This!
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“Breathless takes you on a spellbinding adventure. The characters are amazing.” ~
“A riveting tale of passion, danger and forbidden love. Breathless breathes new life into the vampire
genre.” ~
“I could hardly put it down. The chemistry between Leesa and Rave is wonderfulâ€"they play off each
other brilliantly. I can't wait for the next book.” ~
“Breathless is for sure a page turner. When I finished, I wanted more. I can‟t wait for the sequel.” ~
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“Breathless was fantastic! A unique, creative, fresh approach to the vampire genre.” ~ Literal Addiction
Paranormal Book Club