Breakthrough Metabolism HTML version

I wonʼt bore you too much with the details of my life story. I want this book to be about
you and the success that you can achieve through this diet and lifestyle.
Growing up I was an athlete; I played soccer, basketball, participated in karate and
gymnastics and was generally active. I went on to play soccer and basketball in college.
During that time my workout regime was pretty great. Being a soccer player I was lean
and had great endurance. I lifted weights 3 times a week and was explosive and flexible
at the same time. This all happened by no real planning of my own, I just trained like an
athlete. I jumped, sprinted, lifted weights and trained in intervals by default on the
soccer field.
After I graduated from college I ran into what many former athletes do. What do I do
with my competitive spirit now that Iʼm done playing sports? So, I did what many
athletes that I knew were doing. I took up running.
It was a great way to pass the time and to “keep in shape,” or so I thought. I was
running a minimum of 3 miles per day, often times more. I was lifting weights but not as
regularly. What happened to my body in this time? Looking back itʼs very easy to see. I
became slower, more flabby and soft (even though I didnʼt have a lot of body fat, I didnʼt
look lean and athletic) and I had much less energy.
After a few years of working as a personal trainer, I was getting back into the gym, lifting
weights and doing some different things with my nutrition. I was also taking a very close
look at my clientele and what their situations were like.
As it turns out, the majority of people were coming in with very similar situations. Here is
what most new clients were telling me:
I usually do cardio for about 30 to 45 minutes
I donʼt do any strength training (this is usually because of feelings of intimidation, lack
of knowledge or fear of getting bulky)
I weigh myself 3-4 times per week
I eat cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner
I drink 2-3 cups of coffee every day and I drink 2 bottles of water
I sleep 6 hours a night
I work in an office or a lab for 8-9 hours each day
These comments are taken directly from very real clients of mine. This may sound a bit
like your lifestyle. You may be wondering whatʼs wrong with this? If you are, then Iʼm
excited for you because Iʼm about to open some doors to a lifestyle and a body shape
that you never knew existed. You may also be thinking that you understand most of
these things are incorrect when it comes to fat loss but youʼre not sure how to change