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"But I cannot tolerate disloyalty and people crossing me. No, no, no... It makes me
sick. And it makes me look weak which I am certainly not." said Perez now shaking
his head as if to give emphasis to his words and inner thoughts.
When he abandoned these self doubts and thoughts, he was positioned directly in
front of Cabrere with his back to the prisoner. He paused reflectively for a few
seconds before speaking again, his voice now a mixture of anger and disappointment.
"You are probably right Cabrere, I will go to hell" he paused again before adding in a
steely voice.
"But you'll be there first - you sly bastard."
Perez then spun round very fast, looked deeply into the policeman's eyes, now filled
with fear and shot him twice through the forehead at point blank range.
The cop slumped forward instantly dead, blood spraying from his brow.
"Come on Luis - it is done now and I feel much better. We have work to do for our
business in Florida. This is not a problem for us now and we will soon find somebody
else at the delegacion who will work for us." said Perez, now in a more contented
frame of mind.
They walked out of the barn and Perez pulled a large brown envelope bulging with
pesos from his jacket pocket and handed it to the hard doorman.
"Thank you for finding him Juan and bringing him here. I like to look after my loyal
friends like you. I am afraid the Commandante has lost his head in many ways. He
needs to rest in peace now - at the bottom of the sea perhaps. Can you arrange for this
"Si Signor Perez y gracias" said Juan, tucking the envelope into his jacket pocket and
walking back into the barn to oversee the disposal of the body of the corrupt law
Thursday 12 August 2012 19:00pm, FBI Headquarters 935 Pennsylvania
Avenue, NW Washington DC
DEA Special Agent Logan Watson slouched back in his office chair and rubbed his
face with both hands. His top button was undone, his tie was pulled down and he was
real tired now. He looked out of the office window at the people down on the
sidewalk heading for the bars and restaurants. He felt envious and wanted a cold
Budweiser to take his mind off narco-criminals and these jerks at the FBI.
He looked across the desk at his new temporary partner, Federal Bureau of
Investigation Agent Madison Hayes. He wanted her too but he wasn't sure how to
move that carnal desire on without screwing up their fledgling working relationship.
Watson was in the second week of a secondment from his Drug Enforcement
Administration agent role to work with the FBI, the military and other Agencies in a