Break Night HTML version

Chapter 1
Wednesday 1 August 2012 22:00pm, Matamoros, Mexico
The old barn was the only building for miles around and visitors were clearly neither
welcomed nor wanted. The gravel crunched loudly under the large wheels of the
black BMW as it pulled to a halt outside the barn. Heavily tinted, bullet-proof
windows provided the security and anonymity that the occupants craved. The two
well dressed men climbed out of the car and walked through the hot night air up to the
barn door. The only noises that could be heard were crickets clicking and the
occasional flutter of the wings of a bird flying off.
The men rapped sharply on the rickety wooden single door and a small shutter slowly
opened. A battle-scarred face peered out at the two visitors and as soon as he
recognised their faces, the doorman let them in.
"Gracias Juan" said the man in charge. "Wait out here please".
"Si Signor Perez" replied the burly doorman, leaving the barn as instructed.
The two men strode into the gloomy barn, where a man sat tied and slumped forward
on an old chair in the middle of the room, illuminated only by a single bulb dangling
from the ceiling. His head was covered by an old and torn hessian sack.
"Well, well, well.... Commandante Cabrere. What a disappointment you have turned
out to be. I have looked after you so well over these years have I not? And now...well
I hear that you have been sharing information with my enemies. What is happening to
Mexico's great police force these days when its senior officials cannot be trusted?"
said Perez with mocking irony.
He roughly pulled the sack from the cop's head to reveal a bloodied and badly beaten
face - the result of Juan's brutal handiwork. The dazed cop slowly looked up at Perez
with a resigned, knowing stare and paused before snarling
"Go to hell Perez!"
Perez slowly circled the chair, his gaze constantly fixed on Cabrere. He slowly and
very deliberately pulled a gold pistol from the inside pocket of his Gucci leather
jacket, letting the cop get a good close look.
"I can understand a man getting greedy. Indeed I am a very greedy man myself" he
said nodding his head in self agreement.