Brains and Realities


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VOTED NO.1 in NON-FICTION and OVERALL previously, this book will change your notion of reality! Are we living in a virtual simulated universe? It is a common theme in religious theory, particularly in the East, that the reality we perceive in our everyday waking consciousness is an illusion - much as a stick in water appears "broken" because of the refracting light. Most of us would dismiss this suggestion, except for the fact that Science is beginning to say the same. Modern physics clearly points out that we live in a multi-dimensional multiverse; and that space and time are stubborn illusions - to quote Albert Einstein himself. The intriguing question is: How did mystics who lived more than 2,000 years ago come to the same conclusions without the aid of scientific instruments or advanced mathematics? Can we enter directly into a reality unbounded by space or time? Is this familiar 3d universe only a transient virtual reality? Does quantum theory support this view? Please give your COMMENTS/RATINGS.- much appreciated!


Is this idea similar to the thoughts of Descartes in Meditations?

mel mocca

informative and intresting. Thanks

Jason Kruger

Has opened me up to what I always have known. I can now continue my journey knowing intelectually it can never be understood.

Walter Thomas Jr

I believe because of human emotions, we tend to have a false belief by most earthy things!


This is amazing. I have read about ancient Hindu concept of Maya, the unreal illusion that surrounds us in this dimension. But the book opens a door to the real 'thing' out there. Makes me more saintly and less and less materialistic. Please read the book letter by letter. Word by word. Again and again. You get to know new knowledge every time.


this really is a great book.


thank you for showing that science and religion are not at odds with each other. The Hindus knew it long before modern man.

Dennis Cambly

easy to read with plenty of food for thought.

Mikaela Hospedales

extremly interesting; ideas are worth giving a lot of thought to.

Sreang Channthet

Thanks, I like this book so much!


It's a good read to learn about the advances of brain science. It helps you to know how both side of your brain functions and how you can use both sides of your brain and help you experience a total difference on realities. Good Read!


This book is amazing with it reveal truth about the Earth and the hidden secrets. You are able to do more Sir.


Really thought provoking book. Your analyzing and synthesizing is and bringing thoughts of greats together and drawing conclusion for a layman like us is outstanding. Thanks


this book is a resultant of many achievements in psychology . the words chosen from many sages like einstein and alfred north whitehead are a source of great intuition. thank you


why did this info took so long to come, ancient afrikans were well aware of this


Jay Alfred

Jay Alfred is the author of Dark Plasma Theory which holds that dark matter is largely in the form of plasmas of exotic (non-baryonic) particles (or non-standard "dark plasma") and predicts the existence of terrestrial dark plasma (TDP) life forms. These exotic life forms include what has been loosely referred to in the anecdotal literature as angels, ghosts, aliens and other similar life forms. Jay has been researching on dark plasma life forms since 2001. He is the Research Director at Dark Plasma Life Research Organization and a Consultant at ARPAST, a science-based research group that studies anomalous and unexplained phenomena.

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