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The Bookworm Chronicles
Schools, can sometimes be strange little blocks of space. While the whole
agenda of a school is to get the child to read and write, there is a stigma
attached with the few kids who actually take it seriously. While rote learning is
the order of the day and a most guaranteed way to get through to the next
semester with flying colors, kids seldom make books their pals.
And the few who do, are awarded a lot of ingenious titles - Teacher's pet, Geek,
Nerd and the most ignominious of them all - "The Bookworm" or the dwellers
& feeders of the books.
This is the story of one, a bookworm whose books rocked her world, well
The Kumars - Sunil & Anitha were first generation aristocrats who had made
quite a large fortune for themselves when they had decided to renounce their
high paying jobs as Software professionals in Bangalore and pursue
floriculture in India's own Scotland - Coorg. The booming domestic wedding
scene at home in India and the strong demand for exotic flowers in the west,
proved their decision right and it yielded them most favorable returns very
soon. The young Kumar couple, soon established themselves as a name to be
reckoned with in a sleepy coffee estate hamlet of Coorg.
Sunil & Anitha always yearned for a child. "Anu, I have always thought that I
have not thanked Him enough. He has been so kind to us all this while. I never
could have imagined that our little idea of becoming farmers after leaving
everything back would have met such great success".
Anitha was an eternal optimist "have some faith, my love, when He has
blessed us with all that we have, I am positive that our prayers for a child will
not go unanswered. We just have to keep believing".
Their prayers were answered. A couple of years later, on a cold November
evening, Anitha was the bearer of great news "Sunil!!" she exalted, "Guess
Sunil had had a particularly hard day at work that day and frankly wasn't in
the mood to play the guessing game.
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