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Book Description

With pen in hand "I write what God inspires and guides me to write and He has always wanted me to shear it with all People of all Nations so that they would enjoy that which is really Gods. Rev. Sam" and most people like this book This will give you some idea of what I write.This is a collection of poems Dr. Derek Lamar Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS and I are both working to help people discover the Christ within them and to understand the incredible Teaching that Jesus brought to humanity. We must all come to understand the Oneness which comes with realizing that "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within". Richard (Rick) Davis It is an honor to recommend Rev. Samuel Mack His poetry is not only internationally recognized, but is thought provoking, so well craft...

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS

Richard DavisRetired, Market Research AssociateRev. Sam excels in inspiring parishioners, online colleagues and others. He operates from a liberal Christain praxis and has healed not only himself and family, but so many others. Rev. Sam offers his time freely, and composes award winning poetry. He is selfless, well-rounded, and does not charge a fee for his services. It is a pleasure to know Rev. Sam, whom I recommend without reservation.

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