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Getting involved in the internet gambling world | playing and financial safety

Some people, when they hear or see the words gambling, casino, poker, sports betting, still attach a bad, negative image to it. They picture themselves men with sigars in dark rooms playing illegally and addicted. They don’t trust gambling companies.
This image used to be partly true in the past and especially in the context of live environments. But at present, when speaking of the upcoming internet gambling industry, this image no longer stands. Gambling is more and more accepted and more people do it every day.
With the coming of internet gambling however, came the advent and rise of other issues. Not the image of gambling overall but the image of payments/money transfers was now in jeopardy. This is of course not only a problem that is existing in the internet gambling industry but in the whole internet industry itself.
People are having serious doubts regarding the safety of internet payments. Not everyone trusts credit cards, internet banks or wire transfers.

I cannot resolve fear. I’m not a psychologist. What I can say is that there now exist large internet banks such as:





These online banks operate in the same way as your own local bank but differ from those in that they only govern online money transfers. Neteller and Moneybookers are worldwide companies that have millions of clients. You can understand that it is also in their utter interest that money is safe at their accounts at that payments are secure.
Upon till now there is never been a problem with moneybookers or neteller come up in the news.

The same goes for the online casinos, poker rooms and bookmaker websites. These are big companies too and your money is safe with them. I cannot emphasize enough that these kind of websites cannot live with the risk of something going wrong with payments, bonuses or any other kind of money / credit transfer as this would result in the loss of millions of potential future and existing clients.