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Internet gambling bonuses | The categories enlists online free sports betting, casino and poker bonuses. Throughout
these industries there exist all kinds of bonuses:
No deposit bonuses: These are free bonuses. You only have to download the software and
sign up for a real money account (an account where you can play with real money, instead of
only with play money) and mostly send an email to the support. Then your bonus is
immediately deposited in your account without you having to deposit your own money. You
cannot withdraw these bonuses immediately, you must play with them. All profit is yours
though and when you have played the required points you may withdraw the initial no deposit
amount. Amongst no deposit bonuses we also find comeback-bonuses. These bonuses are
rare but are given to players who have been loyal to a poker room or casino for a long time
and receive a special treat. In return the company hopes these players return playing of
course. Especially Titan Poker and CD Poker do this a lot, but some casinos do it too. We
also count time limited bonuses amongst no deposit bonuses. You will find these kind of
bonuses at casinos. You are given a certain amount of time (1 hour free play for example) to
play with a bonus that is given to you without the need to deposit. These bonuses are huge
but there are certain strict rules that apply to it. No deposit bonuses are terrific for people
who like to try out a certain casino, poker room or bookmaker or want to play with free money
without depositing their own.
Upfront deposit bonuses: These are bonuses that are deposited in the account of player
immediately once a player has a deposited a particular amount of money. This means that
you do not have to play for it to get the bonus, but you do have to deposit. I personally like
these bonuses the most as you will get lot’s of money and you are able to withdraw your own
initial deposit and play with the bonus that is give to you. This means you don’t have to play
with your own money and thus it’s not risky. If you loose the bonus you don’t care, if you won
you can withdraw your profits! Upfront deposit bonuses are outstanding for just about every
one: from beginning to experienced players, from poor to rich players.
Sign up/First time deposit bonuses: When you create an account at a poker room,
bookmaker or casino you receive a first time deposit or also called sign up bonus. This bonus
is a percentage of your first deposit. Mostly you will see 100% up to $500. You will have to
deposit 500 dollar to get the whole bonus then. Sign up bonuses are mostly released in little
increments in according with your playing frequency. You have to collect points or you have
to wager a certain amount to get a small part of your bonus released into your account, every
time. Sign up/first time deposit bonuses are great for players who play poker, casino games
or bet on sports on a regular bases.
Reload bonuses: Reload bonuses are meant for players who play a lot at one or two poker
rooms, casinos or bookmakers. When customers are out of bonuses they like having new
bonus money to play for and this is why companies come up with reload bonuses. Clients
must make a new deposit to get new bonus money. Think of reload bonuses as a second,
third, fourth etc. time deposit bonus. Mostly these bonuses are less juicier than the initial sign
up bonus.
Loyalty/VIP Bonuses: Bonuses like these are for players who play a long time and lot’s at a
certain poker room, casino or bookmaker. You get these bonuses on top of your sign
up/reload bonus money. Of course you do have to collect a certain amount of points, and the
more points, the more bonus you receive. Only go for these kinds of bonuses if you like
playing at a certain poker room, casino or bookmaker and if you are skilled.