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Introduction is a website that searches across the web for free gambling bonuses. To get these free bonuses you do not have to be an expert in poker, casino games or sports betting. It helps if you are, but it is not necessary.

Online Bookmakers (like Bwin or Unibet), Online Casinos (like 888, William Hill etc.) and Online Poker Rooms (like Party Poker, Poker Stars etc.) yield billions of dollars in profits every year. The online gambling industry is in fact becoming one of the biggest industries in the world. It has millions of customers playing at their internet poker tables, casino rooms and sports betting websites. Their customers are placing bets every second and mostly loose more than they win. So, the more customers, the bigger profits they get. Online casinos profit from their players because they have an house advantage. Sports Betting websites profit from their players because they create and change the betting odds according to and based on betting tendencies in such a way that they have a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome of the matches. Online Poker Rooms profit from their players because they take little shares of tournament buy-ins and pots in cash games (called rake).
This makes customer-acquisition the primary goal of gambling websites. Every new client is a new potential goldmine who probably will deposit more money into the gambling website or room than he will withdraw in the end, if, in fact, he withdraws at all.

You would think these online gambling websites and rooms would thus advertise just anywhere to get new customers. Well, they surely do, but in the gambling industry that’s not enough. The competition is just too fierce. They see, that in order to draw attention, they need to literally grab customers with offers they can’t say no too.

Those offers are enlisted at We are talking about free money all the way. Free bonuses, or just free money deposited in your account without you having to deposit or play for it. And it gets more crazy every day. Some casinos just give you hundreds of dollars in free cash just to try out their casino software. This is their way of staying ahead of the competition.

BUT, there are of course tricks and traps. Internet Casinos, Poker Rooms and Bookmakers don’t just give you free money that you can withdraw immediately. Of course not. But they do give you free money to play with, and if you play with that money you can make lot’s of easy cash without depositing your own money. This is called zero-risk playing. Bookmakers give you free bets. Poker Rooms give you free bonus money in your accounts to play with. Casinos give you money in your account to try out the casinos games. If you loose the bet you couldn’t care less because it wasn’t your money, but if you win, the profit is yours. The thing is, if you go take all these free money offers you will only need a little luck/skill to extract lot’s of free money from it that you can withdraw to your bank account.
There is one GOLDEN RULE though that you MUST APPLY, especially if you are not a good skilled poker, casino or sports betting player.


Of course, if you are a good poker player or you are skilled in sports betting you can go on and play. No one will stop you. But this golden rule applies the most to casino games as you cannot beat those games. PERMANENTLY!