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Bonsai Secrets
Growing and sculpting bonsai trees can be quite a satisfying
hobby. It is a hobby; however, that requires a tremendous amount of
patience. When you take a simple sapling and mold it to your desire,
you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful piece of art you can truly be proud
To the Japanese, there is a link to many of the ideals that their
society is based on. Zen Buddhism - where the pastime originated,
man, nature, elements and change all are intertwined into this unique
method of meditation and expression. To our world now, bonsai is
viewed as a hobby that allows a greater understanding and being with
nature and also a way to enhance our gardens.
In this book, we will introduce you to bonsai techniques and
how to grow your own bonsai masterpieces. The beauty of bonsai is
that there is no definitive Ðright way“ to do it. We can offer up tips
and tricks to craft your own bonsai, but how. Enter into the world of
bonsai and gain a new insight into life!