Body Language Secrets for Power & Love


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Warning: Most people don`t often mean what they say...Learn How to Efficiently Decode People`s Inner Feelings and Emotions Through Their Body Movements, and How You Can Use This Knowledge to Succeed in Your Career, Relationships, and Personal Life!


A mundane introduction to body language and quite uninspiring. SPOILER ALERT... end of book dives right into an infomercial sales pitch for courses and books.

A great book to get you started in the basics of body language.

Teodor Chiaburu

It does put forward some interesting tips about using and reading body language. However, further details would have been welcomed.


the information in this book are well known facts, if you really want to become a master decoder you must read more than that but this book is a good start for the beginners.


Well known facts, I was expecting more interesting information ...

Dino Enrique Borda

I think It's a great book to improve, or master our commnication with people.


Well written with gud research

Muhammad Nazir

its good to get it.


absouletly wonderful, told the truth about my friends

Aamir Ranjha

i inspair the ideas that called human body have power to screate a signal for other.


There are some interesting bits of information here about the art of decoding body language. It's more in depth than some of the other books in the same genre, but it says basically the same thing. If you want to read about understanding body language and this is this site is the only resource you're able or willing to use - I suggest you skip the others and read this one. It's a decent start.

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