Bob Makransky's Magical Sampler HTML version

gripping with both hands a rope or cord stuck in your navel. This is the usual place
where black magicians stick such lines in your body. If additionally you feel hypnotized
by and unable to separate from the sexual relationship, then the person probably also
stuck lines in your genitals. If there’s a lot of hatred underlying the relationship,
particularly accompanied by health or financial problems, then the person probably has
lines in your head. You have to cast a little spell of banishment for each line the black
magician has in your body.
Try to actually feel or imagine something like a rope in your hands which goes
from the respective part of your body to the other person, through which they are sucking
energy from you. You can look at a photograph of the person who is vampirizing you
while you do this, or just visualize him or her standing there before you.
Then, with a movement of great repugnance, determination, and finality, jerk the
line out of your body and cast it to the ground. You don’t have to actually see the light
fiber (though some sensitive people do) as long as you can feel it – i.e., imagine it is
If that person was really bringing you down, you should feel immediate relief and
release after doing this exercise. Sometimes you don’t even realize the extent to which
they were bringing you down until you get their damn lines out of you. You should feel
more youthful, since that’s what black magicians vampirize: other people’s youthfulness
and joy. The next time you meet that person you’ll be surprised by how different you
feel about them, and by how much clearer your understanding of the dynamics of the
relationship is. You’ll have much more detachment and freedom from this person. It is
by getting control over yourself, by being decisive rather than self-pitying, that you can
take control of any relationship.
(Excerpted from What is Magic?)
* * * * * * * * *
The information given in this book about demons, curses, and black magicians is
not theoretical, armchair speculation. It’s truth that I was forced to acknowledge at a
certain point in my life when I found myself eyeball-to-eyeball with demons during an
all-out battle with a black witch. I didn’t believe in demons or curses before this
experience even though I had been channeling spirit guides and nature spirits for some
years prior. Therefore I certainly don’t blame anyone else for not believing in these
things. Unfortunately, they’re true.
In our society the stigma attached to believing in demons is quite strong. Anyone
who admits to believing in demons is considered crazy or stupid, or perhaps evil, and is
no longer taken seriously. However, our society’s view of this issue is incorrect.
Becoming a magician requires facing up to this truth and dealing with it, not sweeping it
under the rug. Magicians have to deal with how things really are and not worry about
what other people might think or say about them. To our society, any discussion of
demons is absurd. To a magician, the problem of demons is the most pressing issue