Bob Makransky's Magical Sampler HTML version

and everything after that is a blur of uniforms and cells – nothing that makes any sense. I
guess I retreated into insanity to be able to handle it.
They must have executed me because I’m still young when I die. I meet my
mother. She has not changed one iota. She is still, in the afterlife, playing all the same
games she did on earth; and she was hanging around waiting for me to rejoin her and
serve her. She doesn’t blame me for killing her; she just wants me to take up the same
role I played for her on earth; and I do it. There in the afterlife we create a perfect replica
of the life we had together on earth: the same ramshackle house, furniture, etc., with her
abusing me all day long and me sneaking off to be with the plants and animals. The only
difference is that in the afterlife I no longer hate her. It’s as if all my images finally came
true – I’m truly indifferent to how she treats me, I know she’s doing what she does
because she can’t help it, etc. I certainly don’t love her, but neither am I repressing anger
at her because I don’t know what else to do.
We’re still at it to this day – out there in the ozone somewhere she and I are still
carrying on this pine barrens life as if nothing had happened.
In running past life regressions you have a safe and powerful technique for
bringing useful information up from your subconscious, to help you get to your true
purpose in incarnating, and to understand and accept who you really are. This is what
W.B. Yeats termed being “in-phase” as opposed to being “out-of-phase” – i.e. being in
tune with your true purpose in incarnating in this lifetime, as opposed to surrendering
your free choice in life in order to conform to societal fiat (socially-approved images and
(Excerpted from The Great Wheel)
* * * * * * * * *
Magic is a craft. It’s something you learn. Magicians usually do have
supernormal powers. However, these powers are learned. There can be inborn talent, but
it takes a lifetime of practice just to perfect one such power. This is why the terms
“occultism”, “secret science”, “mysticism”, and so forth are silly. There is nothing secret
or hidden going on here. Magic is merely a matter of paying conscious attention to the
things which your society has taught you to ignore.
Magic is what everyone is doing all the time, beneath the surface of everyday life.
Most people just pretend they aren’t doing it; or else they don’t consider what they do to
be magic. For example, infatuation is a species of mutual bewitching. Lovers bewitch
one another and themselves. But they wouldn’t consider this magic. They consider it
“love” – at least until the bewitchment, the infatuation, wears off.
Similarly, people who cannot break free of an abusive relationship are usually
bewitched by their partners. Doctors, and all healers, cure people by stimulating and